In today’s digital world, some people find it hard to believe that direct mail is still a practical option for companies looking to run a marketing campaign. If you’ve been considering using direct mail for a campaign, you might be asking a bunch of important questions. Isn’t email faster and cheaper? Aren’t people always on their computers and phones? Do people read mail anymore? These are logical concerns, but direct mail still works just as well, if not better, than it once did. Here are a few good reasons why direct mail isn’t going anywhere any time soon, and why you should still run a mail campaign.

In order to understand digital overload, think about how much email you receive in a single day. There’s so much competition when it comes to email marketing, how can you be sure your emails will even be opened? I’m not saying you should give up email marketing all together, but currently direct mail offers specific advantages that could add to your overall marketing strategy. A particularly useful advantage that direct mail offers is that it allows you to bypass the digital overload that we’re currently experiencing and approach your target audience in a refreshing way. If you’re anything like me, direct mail catches my attention more than most of the emails I receive on a daily basis.

Digital overload also helps explain why direct mail offers a greater probability of your message actually being read. There’s no chance of your direct mail piece getting caught up in spam filters. Email messages can be blocked or deleted easily, but with direct mail there’s a huge chance people are going to see your mail piece before deciding what to do with it. Most mail recipients look through every piece of mail because they don’t want to miss anything important. This gives you a greater opportunity to reach your potential customers and convince them that they should purchase from you.

Another important thing to consider is that people still love getting mail. According to a survey of 1500 households conducted by InnoMedia, Inc., 56% of people surveyed say receiving direct mail is a “real pleasure”, 67% feel mail is more personal than the internet, and 98% of people bring in the mail as soon as it’s delivered. Direct mail recipients also spend an average of 30 minutes reading their mail. It’s clear that people bring in their mail quickly and actually spend time reading through it, and this isn’t just about sorting through the bills—catalogues, magazines, and other direct mail pieces are still popular. I think many mail recipients would agree that browsing through a physical catalogue from a company filled with their products and services is much more exciting than receiving tons of emails.

You should also consider that since direct mail costs a little bit more up front, direct mail lists are often much more precisely targeted, and therefore get great response rates.  If you’re working with a data company to procure a mailing list for your company, they will help you pinpoint who you want to reach and in what specific areas. This means that the people who are receiving your mail actually want to receive your mail and they’re looking for the products and services you provide. Personally, I’m more reluctant to give out my address unless it’s for something I really want to receive, yet I will give out my email address because I know messages I don’t want can be easily deleted and blocked. This means that the direct mail I do receive is usually because I wanted to receive it in the first place and that’s less of a chance I will throw it away before reading it. Having a highly targeted audience increases the chances of your mail being opened and your message getting across.

If you’ve abandoned direct mail in favor of email marketing or you just think it’s outdated, take the time to reconsider its advantages. Direct mail is still a powerful marketing tool that should be utilized and will continue to thrive. US Data offers tailored direct marketing campaigns to fit the needs of your company. Contact us today at (888) 578-3282 or get a quote on our website!