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Why EDDM Is A Bad Deal For Marketers

Why EDDM Is A Bad Deal For Marketers

What’s more important to the marketer – Expense or Profit? How about BOTH! Take a closer look at EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail)… Can you say “junk mail” at its worst? The post office would have us believe that you should not send marketing messages to the “right target at the right time”… You should send your message to “Everyone – Every door – Every time”. Let’s look at both sides of the question above.

Telling Your Story with Direct Mail Marketing

Telling Your Story with Direct Mail Marketing

Storytelling has been an integral aspect of society since the earliest civilizations. Passed from generation to generation by word of mouth or written word, stories have always shaped the way we view the world and relate to each other. Why are stories so powerful? They connect with us on an emotional level and tap into our desires and fears; stories remain in our memories long after cold facts.

Internet Usage: Implications for Direct Mail Marketing

Smartphones. Tablets. Google Glasses. With all of the recent buzz about new ways the Internet can make our lives easier, it often starts to seem as if everyone is perpetually connected to the Internet. The world of online marketing certainly doesn't refute this impression; these days, it seems that most marketing news revolves exclusively around Internet marketing strategies, be it social media, mobile marketing, or gamification. However, Internet usage may not be quite as universal as the online marketing bubble leads us to believe, and traditional marketing strategies, such as direct mail, may still have the last word.

Direct Mail: 2012 Presidential Candidates Use Tried-and-True Marketing Methods

Presidential candidates have a lot at stake when it comes to the success of their marketing campaigns, and it seems that, in the upcoming election, direct mail is still the marketing backbone that candidates turn to in times of need. Amidst accusations that direct mail has become obsolete, the 2012 presidential candidates’ marketing efforts paint a very different picture: Direct mail is a key component of every single candidate’s strategy.

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