We’re already one month into 2014, so it might be the perfect time to analyze how your content marketing strategy is going. There’s always time to readjust or refocus your strategy, but doing it early in the year will allow your company to benefit from the changes. It’s extremely useful to tackle any major issues as they arise instead of letting them continue missing the mark. To get started, here are a few reasons why your content marketing strategy might need readjusting.

Your content has no focus

Your content marketing strategy should feel cohesive and that requires a clear focus and understanding of your marketing goals. If you don’t have any marketing goals, you won’t be able to properly plan out your content marketing strategy. Think about what you want to achieve by the end of the year. If you’re running a blog, for example, your customers should know what you sell and what your field of expertise is. Create a plan.

You’re not getting any feedback

A month might not be a long enough time to see if your marketing strategy is working, but it should be enough time to analyze the feedback. If there is certain content that clearly no one cares about or is interacting with, maybe you should refocus those ideas. If there’s something that’s clearly working, spend more time developing that. It’s nice to experiment with content, but cut out anything that isn’t engaging your customers after you’ve given it a fair trial.

You’re unorganized

If you’re having trouble keeping track of your content, you need to get organized.  Keeping your content fresh will help your content marketing strategy immensely. Keep a content calendar or use a program that helps you post your content on time. Most websites offer scheduled posts, so utilize these tools where you can. An unorganized content marketing strategy will look and feel unprofessional.

Once you figure out what isn’t exactly working the way you’d want, you can begin to readjust your own strategy for the upcoming months. Even tweaking a few small things could make all the difference.  Here are a few things you could focus on.

-Setting new goals. If you’ve been reaching your goals, think about adding more or building upon what you’ve accomplished. If you haven’t been reaching your goals, try analyzing how you can tweak them to be more realistic. Figure out what obstacles might be standing in your way. This is the best way to have continued success.

-Adding more content. If you’ve been consistently creating fresh content, try focusing on a new project. Start a blog. Create a new social media page. Write a white paper. Keep building on your content to form your brand.

-Engaging your customers. Maintaining your content marketing strategy is good, but the point is to engage your customers and draw in new business. Think of new ways you can accomplish this goal. Work on content that will get feedback and directly relates to your company.

Developing you content marketing strategy is a long process that requires frequent analysis. If a tactic you tried doesn’t work out, you should continue to adjust your strategy accordingly. Do you plan on updating your strategy for February? Let us know!