The next big Gregorian calendar holiday is just around the corner. As soon as New Year’s Day passed, every Christmas card has been replaced by red and pink Valentine’s Day cards and chocolate boxes at my local Target, CVS, Papyrus, and every other general store. Valentine’s Day is a holiday when we get to show our appreciation to the people we love. It also is one of the most commercial holidays out there. According to research by the National Retail Federation, Valentine’s Day gift-spending reached a massive $18.9 billion last year. If you are wondering where all that money was spent, here is a breakdown of the most popular products and services purchased for Valentine’s Day:

$52.2 million – Flowers

$50 million – Jewelry

$38.3 million – Apparel

$18.6 million – Specialty Gifts

$7.2 million – Movies

$7.1 million – Restaurants

$1.7 million – Candy

$1.2 million – Salons and Spas

Valentine’s Day is a great holiday for a variety of companies to take part of and for marketers to promote their business, build relationships, and increase sales. So, join the party and execute your own Valentine’s Day Direct Mail. Mailboxes nationwide are ready to heat up with love-fueled direct mail pieces. Here are a few Valentine’s Day direct mail ideas you could use to entice customers to purchasing your products or services.

Be More Creative

Everyone will be using hearts and cupids for their direct mail creative. Try to think outside of the traditional Valentine’s Day theme to stand out from the rest.

Curate a Gift Guide

Gift guides make shopping easy. Send a direct mail campaign with gift ideas by price point for him and her.

Offer a Special Deal

Don’t forget to give them a special Valentine’s Day-only offer. Make your customer’s Valentine’s Day a bit sweeter by giving them a coupon for a special discount as your gift to them. Valentine’s Day is all about showing your love!

Give them Candy

Consider including candy with your Valentine’s Day Direct Mail piece. Customers are more likely to open lumpy mail. A sweet treat is all it takes to make your direct mail piece stand out from the crowd.

Holidays are always a great time for direct mail campaigns. There are special occasions throughout the year when you can show customers that you value them, while promoting your product or service at the same time. What better time than Valentine’s Day? Follow these tips to prepare your lovely Valentine’s Day direct mail campaign. Please contact US Data Corporation at (888) 578-3282 to get started with your direct mail marketing today!