As email marketers, not only do we focus on creating great email campaigns, but we are also prone to noticing email creatives by others. You can’t help but recognize a good email campaign when you see one and think to yourself, “Dang, why didn’t I think of that?” or “Wow! Great job, this email looks awesome!” Even though it’s dog-eat-dog-world, we want to give credit to all of the hard-working email marketers out who create masterpieces every day. Check out these stand-out email campaigns either for aesthetic pleasure or email campaign inspiration.

1.   American Eagle

Do you see that? Do you see that moving? We love the use of GIFs in email campaigns. Make sure to read my previous blog post on how you can use GIFs in email marketing. American Eagle’s animation helps to separate an email from all the other static emails in an inbox.

2.   Society6

The ultimate goal of email campaigns is to increase conversion and awareness, and what better way to do this than creating a sense of urgency? When subscribers feel a sense of urgency, they are more likely to make decisions quickly. Society6 succeeds in creating urgency by letting the reader know that this is their last chance to get a discount and free shipping using big, bold fonts and a bright color.

3.   Madewell

Sometimes, less is more. This email design by Madewell employs great use of white space and a clear focus on what this email is about (Accessories). The picture of the model is displayed in the center of the email with everything else centrally focused and aligned to it so the viewer can easily scroll and skim through the email. Clean, minimal, and chic.

4.   Soko Glam

There are a couple of things that are great about this email campaign. It’s easy to read, the light teal color isn’t harsh on the eyes, and most of all, the “visual mapping”. Soko Glam’s email includes a cool diagram for the reader which helps them process the information more clearly. Each product has its own point of reference and description.

5.   Threadless

The blue they used in the header for “25% Off” is such a pretty and attractive color making it hard to look away. That being said, this email campaign uses bright and vibrant colors throughout their email design to capture their audience’s attention. Each linked button is also a vibrant color to make sure the reader sees them and clicks them.  Strong, bold fonts and color contrast make this email campaign effective.

These are just some of our favorite emails campaigns this spring. Make sure to come back for our summer edition! Want to create and send out an amazing email campaign for your own business? Please call US Data Corporation at (888) 578-3282 to get started today!