As marketers, one of our goals is to connect with our customers to build a relationship. When done well, loyalty email marketing can turn a new customer into a repeat customer. According to a report by Experian, customer loyalty emails show considerable higher open and click-through rates. Open rates increased by 40% while click-through rates increased by 22%. Here are 4 email marketing tactics to boost customer loyalty.

Loyalty Member Newsletters

Sending a monthly newsletter to each loyalty member is an excellent way to build customer loyalty and encourage existing members to spread the word. If your rewards program gives points for each purchase, be sure to make it very noticeable in the email newsletter. It’s a good way to encourage and remind customers how close they are to the next reward level.

Reward Eligibility

Use loyalty email marketing to remind loyal customers that they are due for a reward. Try sending a reminder email every time a customer reaches a new level in the rewards program. These reminders help boost loyalty and encourage repeat customers.

Expiration Warnings

Expiration reminders are a good way to add a sense of urgency that drives revenue. These reminder emails can also include special offers. For example, “Use your rewards by tomorrow to earn a special loyalty bonus!”

Lost Customer Offer

When a customer hasn’t purchased from you in a long time, there is a risk of losing them forever. Send them a quick reminder email to bring them back. This kind of loyalty email marketing should offer an incentive to return.

The purpose of loyalty email marketing is to generate interest. If you don’t promote your loyalty program, how is anyone going to know about it? Loyalty and reward programs allow businesses to connect with their customers and are a great way to get measurable results from customer engagement efforts. For additional information on loyalty email marketing, please call US Data Corporation at (888) 578-3282.