One of my favorite nerdy and marketer-y past times is scrolling through GIFs about marketing. As a fellow marketer, they always hit home and crack me up. So, I thought, why not get specific and curate GIFs about email marketing, the specific industry I work in. I hope these hit home for you, too and gets you rolling on the floor laughing even if you’re not an email marketer. I mean, I’m technically more of a social media marketer, but I deal with email marketing too from time to time.

1.  When people say email marketing Is dead.

2.  When people unsubscribe from my emails.

3.  When my email gets marked as spam!

4.  When a client says they need the email campaign launched tomorrow… even though they were joking.

5.  When a client keeps asking for redos and edits.

6.  When I accidentally send a test email to subscribers.

7.  When I tell people I work in email marketing and they say, “Oh, like the junk mail stuff?”

8.  Email marketing during the holidays.

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