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May 2012

5 Tips for Saving Money on Your Direct Mail Marketing

These days, direct mail is often dismissed as an antiquated marketing channel while email marketing or social media are becoming ever more popular choices. Despite the current popularity of “new” media, there is ample evidence to show that direct mail is still the return on investment champion, so what is the real problem here? In most cases, it comes down to cost. Direct mail costs more per message delivered and consequently requires more of an up-front investment than online marketing channels. There are, however, two cold doses of reality to face when it comes to direct mail. First is that planning a marketing campaign on the basis of savings instead of on return is never a good idea. Second is the hard truth that, if your direct mail campaign is breaking the bank, you’re probably doing it wrong. Here are 5 tips to keep those campaign costs down.

Why EDDM Is Bad for Business

What’s more important to the marketer – Expense or Profit? How about BOTH! Take a closer look at EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail)… Can you say “junk mail” at its worst? The post office would have us believe that you should not send marketing messages to the “right target at the right time”… You should send your message to “Everyone – Every door – Every time”. Let’s look at both sides of the question above.

Telling Your Story with Direct Mail Marketing

Storytelling has been an integral aspect of society since the earliest civilizations. Passed from generation to generation by word of mouth or written word, stories have always shaped the way we view the world and relate to each other. Why are stories so powerful? They connect with us on an emotional level and tap into our desires and fears; stories remain in our memories long after cold facts.

Targeting New Businesses, New Movers, and New Homeowners: Hotline Files

Looking to target new businesses, new movers, or new homeowners? US Data Corporation has the freshest data in the industry on all three of these demographics, otherwise known as our Hotline Files. These groups are highly effective groups to target, because they are all experiencing major transitions in their personal and/or professional lives, and are in the market for lots of new purchases.

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