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5 Types of Reps You’ll Meet in the List Industry (Video)12:05 pm

By Janet Rho
slezebag sal 300x187 5 Types of Reps Youll Meet in the List Industry (Video)

5 Types of Reps You’ll Meet in the List Industry

Check out US Data’s new video featuring The Bad, The Worst and The Ugly sales reps.

We’ve all been there… Whether it was a horrible experience, learning experience, or just a weird one, we have all met sales representatives in the list industry who did not cut it for us. And, we are very sorry for that. If you’ve experienced any of these lousy reps, it’s time to change your list company to US Data Corporation. We promise we don’t moonlight as car salesmen.

Watch the full video below!

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What to Consider When Renting a Consumer Email List11:28 am

By Janet Rho
what to consider renting consumer email list What to Consider When Renting a Consumer Email List

What to Consider When Renting a Consumer Email List

Renting lists have had a bad reputation. However, trustworthy list companies who can provide you with high-quality, responsive, clean, and opted-in email lists do exist. A high-quality consumer email list can maximize email deliverability rates and keep you clear of the wrong audience.  A good list can guide you to profitable prospects and boost your business branding efforts. Your company probably has a loyal following of customers already, but if you are looking to expand your audience, renting a consumer email list is a fantastic idea.

A good list company should be able to provide you with list recommendations according to your target audience and goals. These lists are sorted by demographics, household information, purchasing and lifestyle consumer information. However, advanced list companies are able to dive in even further and pull out detailed information such as behavior and specific buying habits such as brand preference. Targeting precision is super important in terms of executing a successful email campaign. When working with a list company, make sure to be as specific as possible about the list you are looking for. Continue Reading…

The Basics: Renting an Email List7:47 am

By Janet Rho
basics renting email list The Basics: Renting an Email List

The Basics: Renting an Email List

Renting an email list is a widely-utilized marketing practice that can result in a great ROI if you know what you are doing and what you are looking for. You can gain access to thousands of new businesses and customers by promoting your business using email marketing. Your business probably has its own customer email list already, but if you are looking to expand your audience and reach new prospects, email lists are a great next step. In today’s blog post, we are going to go over the basics you should know about when renting an email list.

Email list rental is often viewed suspiciously in the marketing community, largely due to the practices of illegitimate list providers. It is true that there are some scam list providers out there, and we don’t like them any more than you do – after all, they give our industry a bad name! However, contrary to popular belief, it is also true that you can find responsive, clean, and opted-in email lists that will benefit your business. Having a good email list is one of the most important parts of a successful email marketing campaign. If you are getting stuck in spam filters or are simply not reaching the right people, you are not going to succeed. A good list company will provide you with email list recommendations that match your specific needs, audience, and goals. When renting an email list, make sure to ask:

What are the sources for the list?

How often is the list cleaned?

How can they ensure the emails are CAN-SPAM compliant? Continue Reading…

How To Choose A Marketing List That Works7:00 am

By Linda Abbott

choose marketing list that works How To Choose A Marketing List That WorksWhen I think of choosing a marketing list for my business, I’m reminded of my baker friend, Emma, who once brought a platter of buttery, egg-based brownies to a party of strict vegans – all of whom politely declined. Was there anything wrong with Emma’s product? Not at all. I personally shoveled 4 of them into my mouth like I was suffering from a brownie deficiency. But even if you have a great offer and package it beautifully, it means nothing if you’re trying to deliver it to people who have no use for it. Here are some key reminders on how to choose a marketing list that won’t leave you with egg on your face:

Start with a Good Marketing List Broker

Speak to the person you’ll be working with so you can gauge their personality and expertise.  They should be accessible. Do they respond to your emails and calls quickly? Do you feel they’re invested in building a relationship with you?

A good broker can also make recommendations that you hadn’t thought of before. For instance, let’s say I needed a list of brides in a certain demographic. The list broker should also ask for more details like wedding date, lifestyle behaviors, income, magazines they subscribe to, etc. A good list broker will use these questions to help you strategically target a marketing list that will perform well for your particular needs.

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Finding New Customers for the New Year7:00 am

By US Data Corporation

finding new customers 20131 Finding New Customers for the New Year2013 is now in full swing, and as we all know, a new year is always a great time for new beginnings – and new customers. As the new year kicks in, this is the perfect time to refocus on marketing goals that you may have lost sight of in 2012, rekindle projects that got put on the backburner, and rejuvenate your customer base. Make new customer acquisition your priority in 2013 by following these 3 simple steps.

1. A New Year Means New Lists

If you’re still working off of last year’s mailing lists or email lists, it’s time to wipe the slate clean and either invest in a new marketing list, or give the old one a facelift with a list wash service. Lists become outdated within a matter of months, and an outdated list translates into wasted marketing dollars. Whether you target consumers or businesses, give yourself the best opportunity to find new customers by working from an updated and accurate marketing list. Your marketing budget will thank you.

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Tips for Split-Testing Your Email Campaigns7:00 am

By Melissa Cober

tips split testing email campaigns Tips for Split Testing Your Email CampaignsWhen I was preparing to send out my very first email campaign, I remember thinking that email marketing would be so simple. Boy, was I wrong! Any seasoned email marketer can tell you that conducting an email campaign, and a successful one at that, is a very tricky process, full of hurdles and straight-up uncertainty. It’s usually pretty obvious when a campaign falls flat on its face, but for other campaigns that seem to do alright, it can be hard to tell if your email marketing is really living up to its potential. Even worse, if you suspect that your emails could be performing better, it can be difficult to figure out exactly what will improve them. If you’ve ever been caught in this predicament, you might want to give split-testing a try.

Split-testing, or A/B testing, is a simple testing process that can produce outstanding results if done correctly. When it comes down to it, split-testing involves splitting your email list up into two or more separate groups, and sending each group a slightly different email. It’s that simple! The email that performs the best should give you an indication of what your readers prefer for future email campaigns.

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Email Lists: Good Things Come to Those Who Repeat11:56 am

By Melissa Cober

email lists good things repeat Email Lists: Good Things Come to Those Who RepeatThe fast-paced “time is money” mentality of business often makes us forget that patience is a required virtue.  Never was this maxim truer than with the evaluation and use of email lists. Too many businesses approach an email marketing campaign with the expectation of instant gratification.  Without any prior experience, the sheer numbers involved have them thinking that a single broadcast to an email list will make them immediately and wildly wealthy. While this certainly would be nice, email marketing unfortunately just doesn’t work that way in the real world.

Many marketers new to the email channel presume that ROI can be measured according to the same metrics as a traditional mail campaign.  They later learn that email marketing metrics more closely resemble those of display advertising or television broadcast campaigns.  In these media, it is common marketing knowledge that a person must see your message 7 times before acting on it. This means that, while broadcasting once to an email list is absolutely a step in the right direction, once simply isn’t enough. The real returns arrive down the road, when you have broadcasted multiple times. Too often, we see businesses try one email broadcast who, when the returns aren’t what they expected, write the entire medium off without giving it a second try. Worse yet, many of them blame the email lists themselves. Even the highest-quality email lists may not show you the returns you expect, if you don’t give them the chance to perform under their optimal conditions, and that means repetition.

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5 Strategies for Planning Your Next Direct Marketing Campaign2:19 pm

By Melissa Cober

5 strategies planning direct marketing campaign 5 Strategies for Planning Your Next Direct Marketing CampaignEffective and memorable direct marketing campaigns do not simply materialize based on luck; they require lots of hard work, planning, and strategizing. Don’t jump into your next direct marketing campaign with blinders on. Follow these 5 strategies to ensure your next campaign’s success!

1. Plan your campaign based on ROI rather than savings. Too many businesses get caught up in the process of trying to save as much money as possible in the initial phases of their direct marketing, without considering the high ROI that an effective campaign will garner. A dirt-cheap, low-quality mailing list may save you some money now, but your ROI will also be significantly lower than a campaign based around a quality list. Always keep the big picture in mind, and don’t let initial campaign prices distract you from what’s really important – making money.

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US Data Corporation January 2012 Promo Launched!3:50 pm

By Stacey White

As you know, US Data Corporation specializes in providing quality mailing lists, sales delivering the mail 150x150 US Data Corporation January 2012 Promo Launched!leads, email lists and email marketing services. What this means is that we devote extra time and resources to ensuring our addresses are deliverable, that our phone numbers are connectible, our emails get past the spam blockers and our broadcasts get click-throughs. We don’t sell cheap data because we know it won’t provide our customers an effective means of communicating with their audience and it will end up wasting their time and money.

Take a look at the US Data Corporation January, 2012 marketing promotion for new and existing clients. We know you’ll be happy when you choose US Data Corporation and these extra incentives should help you make the right decision!

We look forward to creating a buzz around your business!

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Email Lists for the Holiday Season!10:14 am

By Stacey White

Contacting your target market becomes very important during the holiday season and choosing the right method of contact is even more important. Email marketing can be a viable way to communicate with a large section of your target market for a fraction of the price of other types of marketing campaigns – but the company you choose to execute your email campaign and the email list they supply is crucial to your success.

US Data Corporation offers a sure-fire way to get your message out there where you email at1 150x150 Email Lists for the Holiday Season!basically pay-per-performance. Most email marketing campaigns require pre-payment and you never know if the campaign will actually produce click-throughs and, therefore, sales.  With us, you can pay for the actual click-throughs (the amount of people who click on your email and get through to your website or landing page) instead of the amount of emails that get delivered. Though we sell email marketing campaigns by the number of delivered emails also, we find that our customers have more success when we guarantee a certain amount of click-throughs. The US Data Corporation email lists must be of the highest quality to be able to guarantee click-throughs. We also are able to sell you the email addresses of the people who clicked through to your website or landing page, giving you the opportunity to re-contact this golden email list as you see fit. Our clients have huge success with these click-through email lists, as these individuals are genuinely interested in your specific offer/products. Repetition is key in marketing campaigns!

Email marketing is a great way to contact your target market, if you do it correctly and choose the right provider. US Data Corporation offers a guaranteed solution so you know your holiday marketing dollars aren’t going to waste. Contact US Data Corporation today for more information and to hear our current specials – 888-610-3282 – or email us directly at info@usdatacorporation.com – or fill out our contact form by Clicking Here.