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15 Worst Marketing Blunders of All-Time7:00 am

By Guest Blogger

Every company has a marketing budget that they use to pay the best and brightest in ad campaign creation, to create terrific new branding initiatives, slogans, and commercials. The goal: motivate you, John Q. Buyer, to part with your hard-earned dollars. While it often works out, sometimes these companies fall flat on their faces. Some setbacks are easy to recover from, while others can lead to the downfall of an entire brand.

Following are 15 of the Worst Marketing Blunders of All-Time. While none of these campaigns accomplished their missions, they did leave a lasting impression that’s hard to forget years after they were unleashed on the public.

1. New Coke

New Coke tampered with a century old formula that, despite falling market shares, still resonated soundly with the public. What made New Coke such a bad marketing idea is that it essentially celebrated 100 years of a popular product by throwing out the formula people had grown to love and replacing it with something unproven. Its creation was an inadvertent admission that its primary competitor Pepsi had won the “cola wars,” something the Choice of a New Generation quickly took advantage of when doing battle with the soda pop originator. Coca-Cola¬†executives soon learned from the mistake however, and brought back the old formula.


2. Ford Edsel

The Ford Edsel cost Ford Motor Company a $400 million investment before crashing and burning inside of three years. One of the biggest problems with the Edsel was that it was competing against itself, matching retail value on many of the cars in Ford’s established Mercury line without bringing anything new to the table. Another problem was the economic recession of 1957. And still another was the fact that it was a jumble of both Ford and Mercury parts with zero quality control since there was no separate Edsel manufacturing facility. This lead to a number of mechanical issues that killed demand!


3. Honda Asimo

Honda Asimo might not actually be that bad of an idea if Honda could ever get the kinks worked out. The approximately 4-foot tall, 119-pound astronaut child is capable of a wide range of movements, all but endangering the butler profession if not for one tiny little setback: the thing is very clumsy. Youtube¬†and a variety of other video streaming websites proudly display the very public screw-ups of the Asimo in all their glory. A better use of Honda’s marketing efforts would be to take Asimo on the road as part of a new robotic slapstick comedy tour.

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10 Bizarre Marketing Campaigns that Worked7:00 am

By Guest Blogger

In marketing, there are many ideas that fail for obvious reasons. There are those ideas that look good on paper, but for whatever reason, never manage to make a splash. And there are some ideas that are bizarre, outlandish, crazy-call them what you wish-yet for some reason, they click with the public and an unforgettable phenomenon is born.

It is these kinds of campaigns that we wish to focus on as we look back into the distant (and not-so-distant) past at 10 Bizarre Marketing Campaigns that Worked.

1. Oscar Mayer Weinermobile

Carl G. Mayer, nephew to the famous Oscar Mayer, designed the first Weinermobile in 1936. The hot dog-shaped auto has been an icon of cheap weenies ever since. This 75-year (and counting) marketing campaign has been not only a successful business move for the dog-makers, but it has also become a genuine piece of Americana. Who hasn’t tried to get their picture taken with this thing if they were ever lucky enough to encounter it parked on a family vacation?


2. Fanta’s Fantanas

The Fantanas are the advertising sensation, created by world famous agency Ogilvy and Mather, for Coca-Cola-owned Fanta soft drinks. They are known for their “hit” song “Wanna Fanta! Don’t You Wanna?” While no direct numbers are available concerning just how much revenue these girls have brought to Coca-Cola, the fact they’ve been in use for nearly 10 years, and that they have gone through four different teams of ladies speaks volumes about how well received they are by the public.


3. Old Spice Isaiah Mustafa

“The Man Your Man Could Smell Like” campaign was launched in Feb. 2010 and made the little used former Seattle Seahawks practice squad receiver a viral success, leading to several more appearances in the titular role. In the commercials, Mustafa, who sports a true athlete’s build while going shirtless, speaks directly to the ladies and tells them to basically look at what they could have if their men used Old Spice. As of June 2011, these ads have received more than 33 million views on YouTube.

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