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4 Easy Postcard Marketing Design Tips12:16 pm

By Janet

4 Easy Postcard Marketing Design Tips

If your business is looking to start a direct mail marketing campaign, postcard marketing is a great option. Postcards are one of the most affordable and popular forms of direct mail marketing. Postcard marketing can be used to promote a sale and/or feature new products and services. However, it takes a well-designed postcard to get noticed. Postcards are a very visual marketing medium, so it’s no surprise that design is a core component of postcard marketing. The design is what captures the viewer’s attention, leading to hundreds if not thousands of new prospects. Here are some postcard marketing design tips to help you create a successful campaign.

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5 Steps to Successful B2B Direct Mail Marketing12:49 pm

By Janet

5 Steps to Successful B2B Direct Mail Marketing

If your business caters to other businesses rather than consumers, then you already know that your marketing strategies need to adjust to take that into account. However, the rules in B2B direct mail marketing are more similar to B2C strategies than you might think. Follow these steps and you’ll have no trouble creating a successful B2B direct mail campaign. Continue Reading…

Round-Up: Favorite Fall Email Campaigns of 201612:36 pm

By Janet

Round-Up: Favorite Fall Email Campaigns of 2016


It’s hard to argue that fall isn’t the best season of the year. Fall is a wondrous time for businesses. Many brands use fall to start boosting their marketing efforts for the upcoming holidays. How you execute your marketing strategies during fall can make or break your holiday sales. You’ve probably started to notice the rush of fall-themed email campaigns coming your way already. If your inbox is anything like mine, then you’re already starting to receive fall discount and Halloween promos. Here’s a round-up of my favorite fall email campaigns, thus far. These email campaigns are great examples of how you can freshen up your email campaigns this fall. Continue Reading…

How to Get More Opens from Email Subscribers12:11 pm

By Janet

How to Get More Opens from Email Subscribers

Email campaigns can help you connect with your customers, but people today are very picky about which emails they choose to open. Emails must be carefully crafted and offer something of value to your email subscribers to be effective. To create an email campaign that gets opened, follow these five guidelines.

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Highlights of Gmail’s Support for Embedded Styles and Media Queries3:12 pm

By Janet

Highlights of Gmail’s Support for Embedded Styles and Media Queries

Since August, email marketers around the world have been looking forward to Gmail’s new support for media queries and responsive design. The changes are finally here! Gmail now supports <style> tags, classes, IDs, and media queries. Before the changes, email designers had to rely on inline CSS to style their emails. Now, Gmail supports embedded CSS with classes and IDs, which eliminates the need for inline CSS in Gmail. This gives designers more flexibility and less obstacles to overcome to make their emails responsive. Continue Reading…

7 Spooktacular Halloween Marketing Statistics of 201610:40 am

By Janet

7 Spooktacular Halloween Marketing Statistics of 2016

The start of the new school year is usually the first indication that autumn is near. However, for many seeing Halloween decorations popping up is the real sign that fall is here, and do you know who loves Halloween just as much as any other festive American? Marketers! Halloween marketing is the perfect jumpstart into the holiday shopping season and a very good time to market your products and services. You don’t have to be in the candy or costume industry to benefit from Halloween marketing. Just about any company can find a way to piggyback on Halloween to promote their business. Check out these terrifyingly motivational marketing statistics and predictions to help you get ready for this spooktacular holiday. Continue Reading…

4 Stand-Out Direct Mail Promotional Ideas11:42 am

By Janet

4 Stand-Out Direct Mail Promotional Ideas

There’s no doubt that direct mail marketing is as useful today as it was before the digital era. According to research by the DMA, direct mail marketing gets up to 37 times more responses than email marketing. However, just because you use direct mail does not guarantee that your piece is going to be opened or read. You need to put in effort into your direct mail and turn it into something that recipients will find useful and interesting; something they won’t be so quick to throw away. Here are some unique direct mail promotional ideas that will help your mailer stand out from the rest. Continue Reading…

Kick-Off Your Fall Direct Mail Marketing Today11:27 am

By Janet

Kick-Off Your Fall Direct Mail Marketing Today

The weather has finally started to cool down, school is in full swing, and pumpkin spice is everywhere! It’s definitely fall. With all the upcoming holidays, there’s no better time than the present to launch a festive direct mail campaign. You’ll be rounding up customers in no time. Continue Reading…

Email Personalization: Collect, Segment, and Use Customer Data3:14 pm

By Janet

Email Personalization: Collect, Segment, and Use Customer Data

Have you ever walked into your local coffee shop and the barista knows your name, or even better, remembers your usual order? Imagine they say something like “Hey Dan! Medium latte with one raw sugar and 2%, right?” Yes, exactly! What a great feeling it is to be recognized. The same concept goes for email marketing. Let’s be honest; no one enjoys feeling like they’re being marketed to. So as a marketer, we try to create relationships that feel more personal. One of the best ways to do this is via personalization in emails. Email personalization is vital in email marketing, especially for e-commerce companies. However, regardless of what kind of business you are running, email personalization can make a huge difference.  Continue Reading

Direct Mail is Still King of Fundraising11:58 am

By Janet

Direct Mail is Still King of Fundraising

Even though online fundraising is on the rise, traditional direct mail is still one of the best ways to raise money and grow your donor database. According to an article on, direct mail campaigns generate a higher initial response rate. Direct mail-only donors also tend to renew at higher rates than online-only donors. Direct mail is king of fundraising is because it allows you to directly target individuals who are most likely to respond. With TV ads and websites, you’re risking the chance of wasting time and resources on people who have a low chance of contributing to your cause. Here are three basic practices to be aware of before jumping the direct-mail-fundraising gun.

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