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8 Hilariously Accurate GIFs About Email Marketing12:00 pm

By Janet

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One of my favorite nerdy and marketer-y past times is scrolling through GIFs about marketing. As a fellow marketer, they always hit home and crack me up. So, I thought, why not get specific and curate GIFs about email marketing, the specific industry I work in. I hope these hit home for you, too and gets you rolling on the floor laughing even if you’re not an email marketer. I mean, I’m technically more of a social media marketer, but I am deal with email marketing too from time to time. Inspiration was taken from Marketing Shmarketing and Soundest. Continue Reading…

4 Tips for Coming Up With New Blog Post Ideas7:30 am

By Janet
4 Tips for Coming Up With New Blog Post Ideas

4 Tips for Coming Up With New Blog Post Ideas

We have all been there. We’ve all experienced a time, or many times, where we had no idea what to write about for our new blog post. Coming up with new blog post ideas is one thing, but coming up with good blog post ideas is another.  It can be a challenge to churn out a blog post every week. If you’ve experienced blogger’s block like I have, I hope today’s blog post on 4 ways to find new blog post ideas comes in handy.

  1. Keep Track of your ideas

The thing about inspiration is that you don’t know when it’s going to strike! When the idea strikes, you need to be ready. Keep a document of some sort where you can keep track of your blog post ideas. This document should be in a place where you can access it at all times, like Google Drive or Dropbox. A piece of paper or old school Moleskin notebook is fine too, just make sure to have all of your ideas in one place so they are easier to find when you need them. Write down the idea the moment it comes, whether it is just a simple blog post title idea or a full-on outline. Don’t worry if the idea is good or bad. The point is to build up an inventory of blog post ideas to work from in the future. Continue Reading…

4 Hashtag Mistakes to Avoid on Social Media7:50 am

By Janet

4 Hashtag Mistakes to Avoid on Social MediaAs of 2014, most companies are utilizing social media as a marketing tool. Marketers have embraced it to better communicate and interact with their target audience as well as expand their reach online. With the use of social media sites like Twitter, these brands have also adopted the use of hashtag.  When used correctly, hashtags can be a huge benefit. They categorize your tweets, making it easier for other users to find specific tweets about a topic of interest, which often leads to gaining followers and interactions. As simple as using a hashtag is, it is also easy to make a hashtag mistake. I have compiled a list of 4 common hashtag mistakes, as well as how to fix them.

According to Twitter and their help center “The “#” symbol, called a hashtag, is used to mark keywords or topics in a Tweet. It was created organically by Twitter users as a way to categorize messages.” Anyone that has been on or around social media recently is probably familiar with the “#” sign, or at least have seen it, but for those that are not very well-versed in the hashtag concept, users simply assign a word or phrase prefixed with the symbol # to make information easier to find on social media platforms.

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