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Email Marketing Relevancy Is More Important Than Ever2:42 pm

By Melissa Cober

Email Relevancy Is More Important Than Ever

We all know that email relevancy is crucial in developing an engaging and successful email marketing strategy. Let’s be real – finding a completely irrelevant email in your inbox is straight-up annoying. Moreover, it also makes email recipients much more likely to not only ignore your email, but to actually take negative actions against it, such as marking it as spam. However, as an email marketer, it’s easy to become complacent and underestimate the importance of email relevancy, especially if you haven’t seen any concrete consequences yet.

It’s time to change that, because in 2017, email marketing relevancy is more important than it’s even been before – and we have the stats to prove it.  (more…)

5 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Email Marketing Guidelines11:53 am

By Janet

5 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Email Marketing Guidelines

The clock is ticking and T-Day, or shall we call it D-Day is near. Which also means that Black Friday and Cyber Monday are right around the corner. These two days have earned the reputation of being some of the busiest shopping days of the season. According to reports by RetailMeNot and PracticalEcommerce, 63% of consumers plan on shopping on Black Friday this year, and $3.07 billion was spent online last Cyber Monday. This is the perfect opportunity to use your email marketing to drive your sales and ROI whether you are a small business or one of the big guys. However, to do that you need to plan and formulate a marketing strategy. Here are 5 guidelines to follow while planning your Black Friday and Cyber Monday email campaigns. Continue Reading…

5 Bright Holiday Email Marketing Ideas11:17 am

By Janet

5 Bright Holiday Email Marketing Ideas

The holiday season is the busiest time of the year for many businesses. Not only are there a handful of big holidays, but there’s a lot of smaller holidays that businesses can take advantage of for a lucrative sales quarter. According to the NRF, 56% of gift searches during the holiday season were conducted on mobile devices in 2015. With more people buying online, email marketing is the perfect way to get through to your customers and prospects. Start planning your holiday email marketing now for a merry and bright sales season. Here are 5 holiday email marketing ideas to use this winter.   Continue Reading…

4 Do’s and Don’ts of Holiday Email Marketing1:05 pm

By Janet

4 Do’s and Don’ts of Holiday Email Marketing

With Halloween out of the way, it’s officially the merriest season of the year! What a joyous time it is for businesses. This time of the year is recognized as the highest revenue-generating season of the year to many companies. The holidays months are a critical time for businesses to increase their sales and engage with consumers, and what better way to boost marketing than with holiday email? With the holiday season upon us, it’s time to supercharge your email marketing strategy. However, before you start blasting red and white candy-striped email templates, make sure to read our holiday email best practices for the best results. This blog post is based on our “Do’s and Don’ts of Holiday Email Marketing” Infographic.

DO Follow Spam Laws

The holidays represent big opportunities for businesses. Some of them depend on the holiday season to generate a significant amount of their year’s revenue, and the last thing you want to do is lose prospects by sending them emails they didn’t ask for or have your email end up in the junk folder. No matter what location you are sending from and where you are sending to, it’s imperative to take the time to make sure your emails are compliant with anti-spam laws from around the world, not just your own country’s.

DO Set a Goal

What is your strategy? What do you want to get out of your holiday email marketing? Always keep your goal in mind when executing your holiday emails. This will help you stay focused and set specific targets to identify what exactly you want to achieve. Goals also make it easier to evaluate your company’s performance once the holidays are over.

DO Be Creative

This is the perfect time to have fun with your emails and find a way to stand out from all the other emails in an inbox. You can do this by using a playful subject line, using a holiday-specific email design, or a special holiday discount.

DO Stay Consistent

There are multiple factors to consider when being consistent. One is your branding. Although it’s important to be creative with your holiday emails, you don’t want to venture too far outside your established brand image. Remain recognizable to your customers. Two, all of your marketing channels should be consistent. Make sure that your holiday email content is available on all of your website and social media channels. This will ensure that your audience sees your content, even if they haven’t seen your email.

DON’T Forget Mobile

Many people check their email and browse the web on their mobile devices. According to an article on Internet Retailer, mobile devices drove 30.4% of online sales during the 2015 holiday shopping season. If your holiday email campaign isn’t mobile optimized, it could land your email in the trash, or worse, the spam folder.

DON’T Forget to Follow-Up

What are you going to do with all the people who engaged with your email? A thoughtful follow-up could bring you one step closer to a sale. Try sending an additional email or two as follow-ups to remind them that the clock is ticking and the holidays are nigh. Many email marketers shy away from follow-up emails because they don’t want to annoy subscribers. However, if your offer has value, subscribers won’t be offended.

DON’T Overwhelm Your Audience

There’s a fine line between follow-up emails and spam. You don’t want people unsubscribing from your email list because you let all of the holiday fun cloud your judgment. We know it’s an exciting time of the year, but take it down a notch.

DON’T Neglect Other Holidays

Don’t just focus on Thanksgiving and Christmas! There are plenty of other holidays in November and December you can take advantage of. Make sure you seize every holiday email opportunity, like Giving Tuesday.

Please feel free to leave any other DO’S and DON’TS of holiday email marketing in a comment below. Happy marketing!

Basic Email A/B Testing Tips2:02 pm

By Janet

Basic Email A/B Testing Tips

Have you ever received an email and were blown away by how great it was? Well, besides good design and well-written copy, that email campaign had probably gone through an A/B testing, also known as split testing, at least once or a couple of times. A/B testing is when you split your email list up into two group and have two version of an email and send each group one version of an email.

The A/B test is a way to let you send two slightly different emails to your audience so that you can obtain information on which triggered the most engagement and then use the most effective email campaign to send to the rest of your email list. That being said, you don’t have to stick to just two list groups and two versions of an email campaign. You can split them up into however many groups (as long as it’s random) and as many versions of an email as you want (as long it matches the number of groups), but we think it’s best to start with two. Before we go over which email elements you can test out, here is a key guideline to follow for effective email A/B testing: Only test one element at a time.

For example, if you decide to test two different email subject lines to see which one performs better, just stick to subject lines. Don’t try to test out the subject lines and switch up the content at the same time, because when the results come in, you won’t know which change made the difference.

What to Test: Send Time/Day

One of the main concerns amongst email marketers is timing. What is the perfect and most efficient time to send out emails? Delivery time has a huge impact on whether someone sees your email, clicks through, and converts. Learn when your subscriber is most likely to open your campaigns.

Subject Line

Different subject lines are one of the easiest and most basic methods of email A/B testing. There are a couple of different ways you can go about testing out subject lines.

Personalized – Whether you want to include the recipient’s name or other personal information about them in the subject line to enhance relevancy is up to you. According to an article on Invesp, personalized subject lines are 22% more likely to be opened – but you can test it out for yourself.

Length – MailChimp advises to keep subject lines short while CoSchedule’s longer subject lines received higher open rates.

Details – Simple or straightforward? Will a subject line telling the recipient what’s exactly in the email get them to open it or will a vague subject line pique just enough interest to get it opened? Here are more subject line A/B testing ideas.

From Name

This is also known as the sender name and display name and tells your recipients who sent them the email. This can be the first thing that people notice, even before the subject line, and as they say, first impressions stick. Here are the 3 most commonly used “from names” –  we don’t recommend using the last one. You can read more about why you shouldn’t use a No-Reply as a from name/address here:

Brand Name

Specific Person’s Name



Create different versions of your content to see which gets a better response. You can test small content changes like the email headline or big ones like completely changing the promotion offered in the email. For example, you can offer a discount to group A, and a free gift to group B.


Your brand can experiment with different ways to present your CTA. For example, you can change the wording used, adjust the size and color or the CTA button/font, and test different places to position the CTA in your email.

There are many different ways to A/B test your email campaigns. Make sure to keep track of all the elements you test so you can learn from them and refer back to them for future email campaigns. Email A/B testing is a great way to optimize your email marketing and shouldn’t be skipped. Find the testing elements that work for you and dive in. For more email marketing advice, feel free to call US Data Corporation at (888) 578-3282.

Round-Up: Favorite Fall Email Campaigns of 201612:36 pm

By Janet

Round-Up: Favorite Fall Email Campaigns of 2016


It’s hard to argue that fall isn’t the best season of the year. Fall is a wondrous time for businesses. Many brands use fall to start boosting their marketing efforts for the upcoming holidays. How you execute your marketing strategies during fall can make or break your holiday sales. You’ve probably started to notice the rush of fall-themed email campaigns coming your way already. If your inbox is anything like mine, then you’re already starting to receive fall discount and Halloween promos. Here’s a round-up of my favorite fall email campaigns, thus far. These email campaigns are great examples of how you can freshen up your email campaigns this fall. Continue Reading…

How to Get More Opens from Email Subscribers12:11 pm

By Janet

How to Get More Opens from Email Subscribers

Email campaigns can help you connect with your customers, but people today are very picky about which emails they choose to open. Emails must be carefully crafted and offer something of value to your email subscribers to be effective. To create an email campaign that gets opened, follow these five guidelines.

Continue Reading…

Highlights of Gmail’s Support for Embedded Styles and Media Queries3:12 pm

By Janet

Highlights of Gmail’s Support for Embedded Styles and Media Queries

Since August, email marketers around the world have been looking forward to Gmail’s new support for media queries and responsive design. The changes are finally here! Gmail now supports <style> tags, classes, IDs, and media queries. Before the changes, email designers had to rely on inline CSS to style their emails. Now, Gmail supports embedded CSS with classes and IDs, which eliminates the need for inline CSS in Gmail. This gives designers more flexibility and less obstacles to overcome to make their emails responsive. Continue Reading…

Email Personalization: Collect, Segment, and Use Customer Data3:14 pm

By Janet

Email Personalization: Collect, Segment, and Use Customer Data

Have you ever walked into your local coffee shop and the barista knows your name, or even better, remembers your usual order? Imagine they say something like “Hey Dan! Medium latte with one raw sugar and 2%, right?” Yes, exactly! What a great feeling it is to be recognized. The same concept goes for email marketing. Let’s be honest; no one enjoys feeling like they’re being marketed to. So as a marketer, we try to create relationships that feel more personal. One of the best ways to do this is via personalization in emails. Email personalization is vital in email marketing, especially for e-commerce companies. However, regardless of what kind of business you are running, email personalization can make a huge difference.  Continue Reading

5 Email Mistakes You’re Probably Making12:12 pm

By Janet

5 Email Mistakes You’re Probably Making

I’ve said it, you’ve heard it, but I’ll repeat it: email marketing is one of the most effective ways to reach customers. According to an article by Mailigen, 89% of marketers say that email is their primary channel for lead generation. Email is a great way for brands to notify customers of deals, promotions, announcements, as well as drive new business by reaching out to prospects. Successful email marketing techniques are available online, but even with plenty of resources, mistakes are made. In today’s blog, we will go over 5 email mistakes you’re probably making that are keeping you from successful email marketing. Continue Reading…