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5 Tips for Convincing Clients to Try New Marketing Strategies10:00 am

By US Data Corporation

5 Tips for Convincing Clients to Try New Marketing Strategies

As a marketing or advertising account manager, your job is never easy. Clients can be demanding, unclear, hard to reach, argumentative, confusing – the list goes on. Even the most easy-going clients have their moments.

But one of the biggest challenges you might find yourself facing is a client that is afraid of trying new marketing strategies. Changing the mind of a client who is stuck in their ways can be daunting. Often, an account manager will end up overcompensating and putting in extra hours, only to find the client still isn’t willing to budge. The end result is a client who is frustrated because they aren’t seeing the growth or return-on-investment they were hoping for, and an account manager who is very close to burning out.

Luckily, there is a better way. These five tips will help you bring even the staunchest hold-overs into modern marketing times, saving you precious time and energy and promising a happier client-agency relationship. (more…)

Is Direct Mail Marketing Still Effective with Millennials?8:24 am

By US Data Corporation

Is Direct Mail Marketing Still Effective with Millennials?

Millennials spend a large part of their day looking at phone and laptop screens, tuned into social media, and living in a digital world. As a result, many companies believe that digital marketing is the only effective way to target this incredibly important consumer demographic. However, direct mail marketing is actually one of the most viable and proven strategies to target millennials.