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4 Direct Mail Marketing Best Practices to Follow11:10 am

By Janet

4 Direct Mail Marketing Best Practices to Follow

With the steady increase of technology and digital marketing, the popularity of direct mail marketing seems to be decreasing, or you would think it is. However, direct mail is just as effective, if not more, than ever. Direct mail can be a very powerful marketing tool if executed correctly. According to a USPS study, direct mail recipients purchased 28% more items and spent 28% more than non-direct mail recipients. In today’s blog post, we will go over direct mail marketing best practices and show you how and to work it and rock it. Continue Reading…

Super Bowl 50 Ads Round-Up11:48 am

By Janet

Super Bowl 50 Ads Round-Up

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A week and a half have already passed since Super Bowl 50 aired on television. In other words, Super Bowl happened ages ago. However, the infamous ads are still freshly seared into our minds as if we just watched them yesterday. That’s the effect of great marketing; we remember them, as we should. Millions of dollars are spent to create these advertisements. It might be the only time of the year we stop and watch a full ad in a world filled with DVRs. I hope it’s not too late for a Super Bowl 50 ad round-up! Here are my five favorite Super Bowl 50 ads of 2016; either because they were terrific or terrible. Continue Reading

Feel the Love with Valentine’s Day Email Campaigns5:26 am

By Janet

Feel the Love with Valentine’s Day Email Campaigns

It’s officially the month of Love, February! According to the National Retail Federation, the average person celebrating Valentine’s Day, or V-Day as we like to put it, spends $142.31 on candy, flowers, apparel and more. Total spending is expected to reach $18.9 billion this year. With that much moolah on the line, everyone is competing for a piece of your heart and your wallet. It’s important to stand out in a sea of red hearts and roses. What makes a good Valentine’s Day email campaign? We pursued our email inboxes for a few of our favorite Valentine’s Day email campaigns and thought we would share our favorites. Continue Reading…