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Nail Your Fundraising with Non-Profit Direct Mail Marketing2:56 pm

By Janet

Nail Your Fundraising with Non-Profit Direct Mail Marketing

Fundraising is an integral part of most non-profit organizations; however, for many of these organizations, every penny counts. This makes many of these organizations cautious about investing funds in direct mail fundraising efforts, especially if they’re not sure whether or not their direct mail campaign will pay for itself in donations. However, direct mail is an extremely effective fundraising method, and when done right, non-profit direct mail is a proven channel to deliver a return on your investment.

According to research by Blackbaud, 40% of baby boomers, the group responsible for the majority of charitable giving, as well as 52% of donors ages 68 and over reported responding to direct mail fundraising campaigns. One of the biggest reasons to use non-profit direct mail is because it allows you to directly target those who are most likely to respond to your direct mail marketing. Unlike television ads, magazines, and other forms of mass marketing that aim at broader audiences, direct mail marketing can be targeted towards people who are most likely to donate, meaning that you are not wasting money trying to communicate with people who are not going to contribute to your cause. Here are some best practices to follow for a successful non-profit direct mail campaign.

Make it Personal

The more a mail piece resonates with the prospect, the higher the response rate will be. So, don’t just put the donor’s name on the direct mail piece (which I hope you are already doing), but include a targeted message based on the causes they are interested in and/or have donated to, the amount they have donated in the past, their location, etc. Take the opportunity to show that you value them and that they are important to you and your organization. Successful fundraising is all about building strong relationships, and direct mail offers the tools you need.

Tell Your Story

Make sure your donors know your mission. When it comes to a person’s likeliness to donate, the most important factor is his or her personal connection to the charity or organization. To increase donations, use direct mail to build relationships with donors over time. Some information you can share with your audience to make them feel more connected to your company or organization are: company news, future goals and/or goals already met, special achievements, and success stories or personal stories from those who have benefited from your non-profit.

Give Them Options

Make it easy for people to respond in their preferred way, whether it’s through a reply mail piece, website, email, etc. Also, give the donors different payment options. The options can range from old-fashioned checks to online payment services that accept credit cards and PayPal.

In today’s economy, you have to be more creative than ever in order to successfully convince people to donate money to your cause. However, being creative does not mean you have to abandon tried and true methods of fundraising. While it is important to include newer ways to market your non-profit such as email marketing or social media marketing, non-profit direct mail marketing is still king when it comes to fundraising return-on-investment. To find out more on how non-profit direct mail marketing can boost your fundraising, call US Data Corporation at (888) 578-3282.



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