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Long Live Email Marketing8:57 am

By Janet

Long Live Email Marketing

Everyone likes to know what’s trendy and new. It is understandable that marketers would want to try out the hottest and coolest marketing strategies. However, that does not mean traditional marketing methods, such as email marketing, have lost their effectiveness. In today’s blog post I am going to share with you why and how email marketing is still thriving in our ever changing marketing world.

Email marketing is very cost-effective. According to an article by Search Engine Journal, email marketing has a ROI of 4,300%. Did you know there are nearly 3 times more email users than Facebook and Twitter combined? So, even though social media seems to be the hot, valuable tool for a business, it is not always the best way to drive sales. This is why the top online marketers have no intention of giving email marketing up any time soon. With the popularity of smartphones and tablets, people are always reading emails on the go.  This enables you to be connected with your audience where ever they are.

Social media is a great way to make casual connections with your audience. However, email marketing provides you the most direct line of communication with them. There is no guarantee your posts on social media will reach your audience the way email marketing does. When someone opens your email, you have their undivided attention. At least for a brief moment. Undivided attention is harder to attain on social media. There are so many voices and distractions. When you post on Facebook or Twitter, the audience may or may not even see the post. The social media world moves very quickly. A stream of information is constantly flowing through social media networks. Unless your prospects happen to be in the right place at the right time, your message will be missed as new updates come in. On the other hand, people do read old, unchecked emails that are waiting in their inbox.

When it comes to building business relationships, the best medium is still email. Business professionals generally do not go on to social media websites for business-related conversations. Sure, some businesses use Facebook and Twitter for communicating with various people. But, when it comes to building business relationships, email is the most serious and professional way to do it. Email marketing has proven its worth and value over and over again as a great marketing tool. It has shown us that it is able to adapt and enhance with new technologies and strategies. Email marketing is as effective today as it was a decade ago. For more information on email marketing, please feel free to contact our experts at US Data Corporation at (888) 578-3282 today!



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