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Using GIFs in Email Campaigns7:30 am

By Janet

Using GIFs in Email CampaignsAs marketers, we are always trying to find new and engaging ways to reach our audience. We already know that storytelling is a very important technique when it comes to grabbing attention. We also know the power of imagery, and when the two are combined, it can be very successful. It doesn’t stop there though.

What happens when you combine all of the above and add the magic of animation? You get awesome animated GIFs! GIFs have made a trendy comeback in recent years, but have dominated the internet as entertainment since the 90s. And, when something is around long enough and gets enough attention, you can bet marketers are going to try to use it as a new marketing tool. Using GIFs in email campaigns is the new movement (pun intended).

GIFs in email campaigns can bring them to life and take your marketing efforts to the next level. GIFs in email is great because they do not take up much space, they are simple yet eye-catching, and they can tell a story or demonstrate something more easily than a still image.

GIFs in email campaigns are a great way to show off products and entice viewers. They are definitely a favorite marketing technique amongst retailers. For example, a product like a jacket can be shown from multiple angles and shown off in different colors. The GIF can zoom in and out and draw attention to the product’s details as well as draw attention to promotion details. Continue Reading…