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Simple Ways to Improve your Business Blogging Efforts7:00 am

By Kristen Dabrio

Simple Ways to Improve your Business Blogging EffortsIf you’ve been business blogging for a while now and haven’t seen the engagement you’ve been hoping for, there might be simple things you can do to improve your efforts.  Running a business blog is a great way to focus more attention on your company and the products and services you provide, as long as you put in the time and energy necessary to get the results you’re looking for. Here are a few simple ways to improve your business blogging efforts and increase engagement on your blog!

Set up a calendar

You should be updating your blog about 2-3 times a week, so creating a content calendar is a great way to stay on top of your business blogging efforts. A calendar should help you remain consistent. Start off by picking a couple days when you want to schedule a new blog post and brainstorm topics. Knowing what you want to write about ahead of time will help you stay organized.

Focus on SEO

If you haven’t been optimizing your posts for search engines, you should begin doing that as soon as possible. Focusing on SEO allows your posts to rank higher on Google, so that people can find your content easier. According to Search Engine Watch, “Search engines want to do their jobs as best as possible by referring users to websites and content that is the most relevant to what the user is looking for.” This means you need to optimize your posts if you want your content to be ranked high by search engines, since they’re looking for what’s most relevant to the users search.  It helps if you focus on a keyword that you’ll include several times during your post in order to optimize your content. Also, make sure to link to relevant websites that help back up the main points of your post.

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5 Ideas to Keep Your Summer Email Marketing Fresh7:00 am

By Kristen Dabrio

5 Ideas to Keep Your Summer Email Marketing FreshKeeping your email marketing ideas fresh during the summertime can be challenging, considering less people are at their computers and consumers are less likely to read their emails on a daily basis. However, there are many holidays and events during the summer that you need to keep in mind as a marketer, and that you can use to your advantage. It’s entirely possible to catch the attention of your email recipients, as long as you make sure you take the time to rethink some of your email marketing strategies. Summer’s a good time to get creative, so here are a few tips to get you started.

Focus on Vacations

According to an American Express survey reported by from last year, many households are expected to spend around $1,200 per person on family vacations. Considering the cost of food, gas, hotels, etc., it’s clear families are willing to spend money on these things, and this is a great opportunity for you to offer them some deals. If you offer a service that ties in with vacations, focus on coming up with an email marketing campaign that will highlight your appealing summertime products and services. Use a travel theme, with bright colors and summer imagery, to really catch their attention.

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How to Maintain a Good Online Reputation for Your Company7:00 am

By Kristen Dabrio

How to Maintain a Good Online Reputation for Your CompanyYou might not think maintaining a good online reputation should be at the top of your to-do list, but it’s guaranteed that someone will use a search engine to make decisions about your company. According to an Opinion Research Corp study done in June 2008, 83% of consumers say online customer reviews influence their purchase decisions. If you have a bad online reputation, there’s a good chance you might lose customers before you even get a chance to speak with them. Here are a few tips on maintaining a good online reputation for your company.

Research Your Company

The best way to find out more about your online reputation is to search your company on several different search engines. If you Google search your company, you should be able to find out if anyone is saying anything bad about your company. If something negative is on the first page, you should try your best to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. You can set up Google Alerts in order to be notified of new content involving your company name.

Respond to Customer Concerns

In order to keep a good online reputation, you need to make sure to respond to customer concerns in a timely manner. If a customer needs help, they don’t want to wait around for weeks until they hear back from you. Chances are, they’ll take their business elsewhere, and they certainly won’t leave positive feedback for your company after that. Many reputation problems start when a customer cannot easily communicate with your company, so make sure you’re easily accessible regarding customer concerns. Handle customer problems quickly and efficiently.

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Social Media Marketing: 4 Ways to Gain Twitter Followers12:06 pm

By Kristen Dabrio

Social Media Marketing: 4 Ways to Gain Twitter FollowersAs one of the most popular social media sites, Twitter is an obvious place for businesses to go to improve their social media marketing strategy. If you’ve created a profile, but haven’t seen the growth you’ve hoped for, there are several ways to gain followers. Here are a few simple ways you can start today to boost your overall Twitter followers and increase your social media marketing engagement.

Share Insightful Content

If you want Twitter users to recognize you as an important voice in your industry, start sharing insightful content that relates to your products and services. Writing your own content and then posting it to Twitter is a great way to go, but you can also share articles written by other users. Remember to mention the author’s name and link to their Twitter handle. This will not only help you amp up your Twitter content, but you’ll also connect with people who are in the same industry. If you remain consistent, people will recognize you and hopefully share your content with their own followers.

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Hop to It: Last-Minute Easter Email Marketing Campaigns7:00 am

By Kristen Dabrio

Hop to It: Last-Minute Easter Email Marketing CampaignsEven with less than a week left until Easter, there’s still time to run a last-minute email marketing campaign. Keep in mind that many schools have the week off after Easter for spring break, so you can expand your offers and promotions to remain active throughout this time. Instead of just focusing on the upcoming holiday, you can also focus on springtime and the quickly-approaching summer season. There’s time left for an email campaign, so get started today! Here are a few tips to get you going.

Offer time-sensitive promotions

Since you want your customers to act fast during Easter weekend, you need to make your promotions time-sensitive. This means that your offers need to expire within a week or so after Easter. If you want to make your promotions run into the week after Easter for spring break, you can do that, but make sure they don’t continue long after that. This creates a sense of urgency for your potential customers to redeem your offers and will bring in more business during this time. Be sure to make this clear in your email campaign by keeping your call-to-action and any deadlines front and center. There are many ways to optimize your call-to-action, so figure out what works best for your campaign.

Focus on new beginnings

Easter is about renewal and new beginnings, so try to make that the focus of your email campaign. With spring here and summer on its heels, perhaps this is a great opportunity to unveil some of your newer products and services. If you sell clothing, for example, this is the perfect time to focus on some of your new releases for spring and summer. Use the theme of a fresh start to build an email marketing campaign for your company that will drive in more business for the season.

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Using Facebook’s New Design Layout for Marketing9:54 am

By Kristen Dabrio

Using Facebook’s New Design Layout for MarketingIf you’ve been on Facebook recently, you might have noticed the new design layout which now features a list of what’s trending, along with even more sponsored ads. As a marketer, it might not seem like you need to make many changes to your campaigns, but Facebook has also changed its news feed algorithm. Here are a few ways you can make the most out of the recent Facebook changes.

Focus on link-sharing

With the new algorithm change, Facebook has begun encouraging more link-sharing instead of text updates without images. When you share a link on Facebook, there should be an image that is generated with the article, as opposed to plain text post. Instead of just sharing company updates through text posts every once in a while, you need to find another way to keep your followers engaged. Focus on sharing links that are relevant to your company and make sure they include an image.

Include more visual content

Since Facebook has begun limiting the exposure of text content from business pages, it’s more important than ever to include visual content on your company page. If you’re sharing blog posts on your page, for example, make sure you include an image to go along with it. You can acquire these images through websites like iStockPhoto, but there are also free image sites available for your use. Another good idea is to share photos from company events or ask your followers to share photos relating to your company. For example, if you run a clothing store, encourage customers to share photos of them wearing your clothing.

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Direct Mail Tips for Prom and Graduation Season7:00 am

By Kristen Dabrio

Direct Mail Tips for Prom and Graduation SeasonSince prom and graduation season is approaching fast, now is a great time to run a direct mail campaign. Many high school proms are booked for late April/early June, with graduation close behind, so it helps to start planning as soon as you can if you want to run a campaign of your own. If you provide products and services that directly relate to prom and graduation, like dresses, tuxedos, limos, and flowers, don’t miss out on this important marketing season! Here are a few direct mail tips to get you started.

Know your target audience

Clearly you want high school students to purchase your products and services when it comes to prom and graduation, but remember that most students aren’t the ones footing the bill. Parents will most likely be the ones paying for dresses, tuxedos, limos, etc., so make sure you know who you’re trying to reach. If you’re a local store, target locations close to your area. By working with a reputable data company, you’ll be able to find households with high school aged students in your area who will be the most likely to purchase from you. Here at US Data Corporation, we provide precise targeting selects that allow companies to target households based on children’s ages, household income, and additional factors to help you build the perfect mailing list.

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5 Marketing Lessons From Your Favorite Shows9:55 am

By Kristen Dabrio

5 Marketing Lessons From Your Favorite ShowsYou can learn a lot of marketing lessons just by watching your favorite television shows. If you’re a Netflix addict like most of us, I’m sure marathoning through a popular television series has become one of your favorite pastimes. After a long week of planning and strategizing, these great shows can be a welcome break, and you may even learn a few marketing lessons along the way! Here are 5 marketing lessons from your favorite shows.

Game of Thrones: Have a Clear Goal

Most of the main characters on Game of Thrones have a clear goal or a plan of action that they’ve been following ruthlessly. This is a good marketing lesson because you should also know what you want and how you’re going to get it. Although you wouldn’t want to follow the actions of the characters on the popular HBO show, you have to admire their unwillingness to give up on their goals. If there’s something you want to accomplish by the end of the month, or even the end of the year, keep pushing forward. There might be setbacks, (although hopefully no beheadings), but you can readjust your marketing strategies and go from there.

The Walking Dead: Be Persistent and Consistent

In addition to having a clear goal, you need to remain as persistent as the characters on The Walking Dead. Since The Walking Dead is more about survival than it is about zombies, the character’s fight to stay alive is often tested. These poor characters on The Walking Dead are constantly being challenged, but have fought to overcome those challenges on a daily basis. If you want to stay alive in the marketing world, you need to find a way to stay relevant. If you’re running an email marketing campaign, for example, you can’t just send out one email and hope that people remember your brand.  Being persistent and consistent will help your company come out on top.

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The Dos and Don’ts of Using LinkedIn for Business7:00 am

By Kristen Dabrio

The Dos and Don’ts of Using LinkedIn for BusinessLinkedIn is one of the best social media tools for business networking, so it’s a great idea to build both a personal profile and a page for your company. Deciding what information to include, what content to share, or which people to connect with could make all the difference in growing your business connections and broadening your reach.  In order to use LinkedIn effectively as a marketing service, it helps to know the dos and don’ts of the popular social media site. Here are a few tips to get you started.


Include a profile picture

Making sure that you upload a professional looking picture will help improve your LinkedIn profile immediately. This helps potential customers know that you’re a real person and it also helps make you relatable and approachable. A photo of yourself with a group of people looks unprofessional and cluttered, so attempt to upload a picture of yourself with good lighting and a fairly neutral background. Keep it simple!

Make sure your information is up-to-date

Just having a LinkedIn profile with your name on the top is not enough. You need to make sure all the information on your page remains up-to-date, especially if your business location or job title changes. People need to know how to contact your company if you expect them to buy from you, so you should include phone numbers, links, email address, etc.  Don’t let your profile become outdated.

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