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January Round-Up: Adjusting Your Content Marketing Strategy7:00 am

By Kristen Dabrio

January Round-Up: Adjusting Your Content Marketing StrategyWe’re already one month into 2014, so it might be the perfect time to analyze how your content marketing strategy is going. There’s always time to readjust or refocus your strategy, but doing it early in the year will allow your company to benefit from the changes. It’s extremely useful to tackle any major issues as they arise instead of letting them continue missing the mark. To get started, here are a few reasons why your content marketing strategy might need readjusting.

Your content has no focus

Your content marketing strategy should feel cohesive and that requires a clear focus and understanding of your marketing goals. If you don’t have any marketing goals, you won’t be able to properly plan out your content marketing strategy. Think about what you want to achieve by the end of the year. If you’re running a blog, for example, your customers should know what you sell and what your field of expertise is. Create a plan.

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5 Reasons to Maintain a Business Blog for Your Company7:00 am

By Kristen Dabrio

5 Reasons to Maintain a Business Blog for Your CompanyHave you been thinking about running a business blog, but you’re not entirely sure if it will be beneficial for your company or if you have the time to pull it off? If you’re a business owner, you might not see the point in maintaining a blog, but there are many valuable reasons to do so. Blogging for business is a huge opportunity that you don’t want to pass up. If you’ve been reluctant about starting a business blog and you’re uncertain it will be worth your time, here are 5 reasons why you should consider it.

1) Helps you connect

Blogging, in addition to email marketing and direct mail marketing, is a simple way to connect with and share relevant information with your customers. Not only is it another way to directly interact with your customers, but you could potentially start to build your own unique audience. People will be reading your business blog if they’re interested in what you have to say, so you will be attracting the audience you want. Blogging allows you to provide a platform for dialogue between your company and your customers.

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The Dos and Don’ts of Email Design7:00 am

By Kristen Dabrio

The Dos and Don’ts of Email DesignIf you’re looking to run an email marketing campaign for your company, it helps to know the ins and outs of email design. It might not seem like the most important aspect of email marketing to focus on, but email design is of crucial importance if you want people to care about your emails. Without a well-crafted and clear design for your emails, they run the risk of being sent to the trash. With many companies using email marketing to drive in more business, it helps to make sure you’re doing everything you can to stand out. If you’re not careful, simple email design mistakes can ruin your campaign and waste your money. Luckily, following these easy email design dos and don’ts will get you on the right track, and help you build a successful campaign.


Maintain the correct text to image ratio

If your emails contain too much text or too many images, there’s a chance they won’t make it through the spam filters. Also, keep in mind that many email clients will block images initially, so readers might not know what your email is about. Correctly integrating text with images ensures that your message will be more visually appealing for your recipients. A good rule of thumb to keep in mind is 60% text, 40% image.

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4 Insanely Creative Guerrilla Marketing Campaigns7:00 am

By Kristen Dabrio

4 Insanely Creative Guerrilla Marketing Campaigns Running a successful guerrilla marketing campaign can be extremely tricky and it requires a lot of careful planning. One of the most difficult things about guerrilla marketing campaigns is that there are no set rules on how one should be executed. It all comes down to being creative and understanding your target audience.

However, since we’re so overrun with advertisements on a daily basis, guerrilla marketing campaigns could be just what you’re looking for to catch the attention of your potential customers.  It can also be a great way to run a low-cost marketing campaign that everyone will remember.  For inspiration’s sake, here are 4 insanely creative guerrilla marketing campaigns that have been successful in the past.

1) Folger’s Coffee Manhole Advertisement

There’s not much you can do with manhole covers, so why not advertise on them? That’s exactly what Folger’s did for their coffee in NYC.  They printed big stickers to fit over the manhole covers, which also allowed for steam to escape through the holes. It probably didn’t smell too much like coffee, but it got people thinking about their product in an unexpected way.

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Social Media Tips to Build Your Company’s Web Presence7:00 am

By Kristen Dabrio

Social Media Tips to Build Your Company’s Web PresenceDeveloping a good social media presence will help you build your company’s brand, engage your current customers, and drive in new business. Since there are so many benefits to social media, it only makes sense to put in the time and effort that it takes to properly develop your web presence.  As long as you remain dedicated to your social media marketing plan, you’ll put your company in the perfect position to gain momentum. In order to get you started, here are a few social media tips you can use to build your company’s web presence immediately.

Create a content marketing strategy

Figuring out where you want to go with your social media sites all depends on your content marketing strategy. If you want to produce and share great content on the web, you need to decide what sort of content you want to focus on. Generating articles, infographics, white papers, videos, and more, will help you build your web presence. Make a plan and stick to it!

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5 Reasons to Run a Direct Mail Campaign7:00 am

By Kristen Dabrio

5 Reasons to Run a Direct Mail CampaignEven in this age of increased digital marketing strategies, direct mail marketing remains an effective way to reach potential customers and bring in more business.  Direct mail campaigns give you the opportunity to promote your products and services directly to your target audience. Running a direct mail campaign offers many benefits, so being aware of them might just convince you to run one for your company. Here are 5 reasons you should consider direct mail campaigns as part of your marketing strategy.

1) Helps you pinpoint your target market.

When running a direct mail campaign, you really need to take the time to evaluate who you want your campaign to reach. Identifying your target market will help you when running marketing campaigns of any kind, so it’s a great idea to take the time to do this. Pinpointing your target market allows you to directly reach those interested in your products and services and helps you avoid wasting your time and effort marketing to those who will just throw your direct mail pieces in the trash. If you’re working with a data company to procure a mailing list for your company, they will help you pinpoint who you want to reach and what marketing tactics will help you sell your products.

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4 Facebook Features You Can Use For Your Business7:00 am

By Kristen Dabrio

4 Facebook Features You Can Use For Your BusinessWhen utilized correctly, Facebook goes beyond casual social networking between family and friends. The massive social media site can be used to amp up your company’s social media marketing strategy and bring in new business.  If you’re thinking about changing the way you use Facebook, or just looking for new ways to improve your marketing strategy, here are 4 important Facebook features you should know about.

1) Promoted Posts

If you’re a small business that doesn’t have a very large budget for marketing, the promoted posts Facebook feature might be just what you’re looking for. For as little as $5 a post, you can promote your content and make sure it appears higher in your followers’ newsfeeds for a longer amount of time.  The more you spend, the longer it remains at the top.

The Promoted Post Facebook feature also allows you to set your audience—people who like your Page and their friends, or people you choose through targeting. You can also set your maximum budget in order to make sure you don’t spend more money than you’re willing to. All this can be accessed under the Boost Post tab, which is underneath everything you post on Facebook.

4 Facebook Features You Can Use For Your Business

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Celebrate the New Year with 2014 Free Emails!11:08 am

By Kristen Dabrio

Celebrate the New Year with 2014 Free Emails!Happy New Year from US Data Corporation! We want to help you start off 2014 with a bang! This month, we’re offering you 2014 FREE emails to help your company start the New Year right.

When you purchase 10,000 emails this month, we will add 2014 extra emails to your order – completely free. If your order exceeds 10,000 emails, your free emails will scale up at 20.14% of the total quantity. Find out today why US Data Corporation is the leading provider of email marketing services.

Mention the January Promotion to your sales representative to celebrate the New Year with US Data Corporation and take advantage of this special offer. If you’re interested in running an email campaign with us, please call us at (888) 578-3282 or get a quote on our website!

Here’s to a prosperous 2014 for you and your business!

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Click Here! How to Write an Engaging Subject Line7:00 am

By Kristen Dabrio

Click Here! How to Write an Engaging Subject LineIn a day and age where people’s inboxes are overflowing with emails, most of it junk mail, how could your business possibly stand out? The key is creating an engaging subject line that will entice your readers to open up your company’s emails. Since email marketing has become an extremely popular way to market your products and services over the years, it’s important that you get your recipients to spot your emails amongst the clutter. After all, getting recipients to open your email is the first step to bringing in more business.

If you’re looking to boost your email open rates, it all starts with the subject line. Here are several ways to create engaging subject lines and further improve the likelihood that your emails will be picked out from a crowd.

Stay Short & Sweet

A long subject line will often cause your recipients to send your email straight to the trash, before they even open it. Who wants to read a ridiculous 40-word over-the-top subject line, anyway? Longer subject lines run the risk of being cut-off, and keeping it short and sweet is much more visually appealing. Also, short catchy subject lines entice the reader to open your email without giving away everything about the contents of your email. Recipients should have to open your emails to take advantage of your offers, which is why keeping it short works to your advantage.

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4 Reasons Businesses Shouldn’t Ignore Mobile Marketing1:21 pm

By Kristen Dabrio

4 Reasons Businesses Shouldn’t Ignore Mobile Marketing Today, consumers have more access than ever to information about products and services through their mobile devices. Since customers have a low tolerance for bad website experiences on their phones or tablets, you need to make sure your company is optimized to allow for a positive shopping experience. Mobile marketing offers a direct and personal way to reach consumers and build a relationship with potential buyers. People are always looking for the best sales or a bargain on an item they’ve been keeping an eye on, so optimizing your business’s web presence to encourage mobile purchases will give customers an extra incentive to buy from your company. When utilized correctly, there are plenty of ways mobile marketing can aid your business and bring in more profit.

Here are a few reasons why you shouldn’t leave mobile marketing out of your marketing strategy.

1) You can reach customers anywhere

Since we live in a fast-paced retail world, being able to reach your customers quickly and easily is a great advantage to have over other businesses. If your website and emails are mobile friendly, customers will be able to access your offers through their smart phones—no matter where they are. If your customers have the ease of purchasing from you whenever they want, they will have more incentive to buy from you instead of your competitors.

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