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Mobile Marketing: Optimizing Your Web Presence for Mobile Usability11:35 am

By Kristen Dabrio

Mobile Marketing: Optimizing Your Web Presence for Mobile Usability Mobile marketing can be defined as the process of marketing to people via their mobile devices, but there’s much more to it than just that. Understanding how to optimize your marketing materials is of utmost importance when it comes to mobile marketing. This means creating a consistent user experience across multiple platforms and making sure your content can be accessed easily on any screen size.

Busy lifestyles lead to more people purchasing products through their mobile devices and browsing websites on-the-go. If your company’s web presence isn’t optimized for mobile, potential customers will be more likely to look elsewhere. Cell phones and tablets are such an important part of our lives now; it only makes sense to integrate a mobile marketing plan into your marketing strategy, because a vast majority of people have their own mobile devices and use them on a daily basis. Since so many potential customers are constantly connecting with businesses via their smart phones or tablets, your company should plan on making your mobile experience the best it can be; otherwise, potential mobile clients are likely to fall through the cracks.

People expect companies to have mobile-optimized websites, since so many people view websites and buy products from their mobile devices.  Most websites that are not mobile-optimized are practically unusable on mobile devices; either the text is too small to read, the navigation buttons are too small to click, or they require lots of zooming and scrolling to use correctly. This is not a user-friendly experience. Most potential customers have zero patience for unusable websites, so optimizing your website for mobile is crucial for reaching your on-the-go prospects.

Optimizing your email campaigns to be mobile-friendly is another important addition to your company’s mobile marketing tactics. Since a large percentage of emails are read and accessed through mobile devices, your emails will need to be responsive to different screen sizes. If your emails are unreadable on mobile devices, chances are that your mobile recipients simply will not read them; likewise, if offers can’t be viewed or redeemed through a smart phone or tablet, potential customers might not find them usable or worth their time. Lastly, always verify that your emails are loading quickly on mobile devices before sending them out; mobile email readers are notoriously impatient, and will likely abandon your email if it doesn’t load right away.

Optimizing your mobile marketing gives your customers an easy channel to do business with you, especially if you offer useful services like being able to pay online or providing instant cyber coupons. Not only are these things extremely convenient, but they also serve as a helpful reminder to your customers of your products and services. Ease-of-use could be the deciding factor between someone doing business with your company or doing business with a competitor. Mobile marketing allows that ease-of-use and gets rid of one more potential roadblock that might prevent people from choosing your company.

Since we live in an extremely connected world, mobile marketing allows businesses to reach their customers everywhere. You can easily access this potential by developing a mobile marketing plan in order to satisfy your customers’ needs. Reaching your customers is important, so finding new and better ways to do that will only help your business.

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