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3 Things Abraham Lincoln Can Teach Us About Building A Brand7:00 am

By Linda Abbott

3 Things Abraham Lincoln Can Teach Us About BrandingEven today, Abraham Lincoln is powerfully connected with values like honesty, integrity, and the American Dream. But he didn’t become one of our most respected presidents without knowing quite a bit about marketing his own cause. Here are three lessons we can learn from Abe about creating our own strong brand identities.

Know Your Brand
If you want to be a strong brand, you have to be a strong leader. Lincoln’s house-divided acceptance speech on the night of his nomination alarmed people in the South, who interpreted it as a direct attack on slavery. People in his own party worried as well; they thought it was too radical and had jeopardized his chances for election. His reply to these responses was: “You will see the day when you will consider it the wisest thing I ever said.”

Your brand must ultimately remain true to you and your values. Your customers can help you improve your products, and can even contribute to your brand image, but if you let them control the brand entirely, you’ll end up compromising and your brand won’t represent what you stand for. Let your passion and your belief in your products or service help you discover who you are, and inspire others to take that leap with you.

The best small business brands are extensions of the personalities that created them, so start with you. Ask yourself: what are the core values that you run your business by?

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