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How To Choose A Marketing List That Works7:00 am

By Linda Abbott

How to Choose a Marketing List that WorksWhen I think of choosing a marketing list for my business, I’m reminded of my baker friend, Emma, who once brought a platter of buttery, egg-based brownies to a party of strict vegans – all of whom politely declined. Was there anything wrong with Emma’s product? Not at all. I personally shoveled 4 of them into my mouth like I was suffering from a brownie deficiency. But even if you have a great offer and package it beautifully, it means nothing if you’re trying to deliver it to people who have no use for it. Here are some key reminders on how to choose a marketing list that won’t leave you with egg on your face:

Start with a Good Marketing List Broker

Speak to the person you’ll be working with so you can gauge their personality and expertise.  They should be accessible. Do they respond to your emails and calls quickly? Do you feel they’re invested in building a relationship with you?

A good broker can also make recommendations that you hadn’t thought of before. For instance, let’s say I needed a list of brides in a certain demographic. The list broker should also ask for more details like wedding date, lifestyle behaviors, income, magazines they subscribe to, etc. A good list broker will use these questions to help you strategically target a marketing list that will perform well for your particular needs.

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