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Finding New Customers for the New Year7:00 am

By US Data Corporation

Finding New Customers for the New Year2013 is now in full swing, and as we all know, a new year is always a great time for new beginnings – and new customers. As the new year kicks in, this is the perfect time to refocus on marketing goals that you may have lost sight of in 2012, rekindle projects that got put on the backburner, and rejuvenate your customer base. Make new customer acquisition your priority in 2013 by following these 3 simple steps.

1. A New Year Means New Lists

If you’re still working off of last year’s mailing lists or email lists, it’s time to wipe the slate clean and either invest in a new marketing list, or give the old one a facelift with a list wash service. Lists become outdated within a matter of months, and an outdated list translates into wasted marketing dollars. Whether you target consumers or businesses, give yourself the best opportunity to find new customers by working from an updated and accurate marketing list. Your marketing budget will thank you.

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Our Top 5 TED Talks on Marketing7:00 am

By Linda Abbott

We love TED Talks for eye-opening inspiration from thought leaders around the world. Here are our 5 favorite TED Talks that inspire us to push our marketing to new heights. We hope you will enjoy them as much as we do!


Marketing guru Seth Godin explains in this passionate talk why marketing that works is less about the actual product and more about whether you can get your ideas to spread or not. Using a multitude of brands as examples for how to do it right, he shows us that creating a story that’s remarkable (read: not boring) is the new safest bet for your marketing success:

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