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How My Dating Life Will Save Your Marketing. (You’re Welcome.)7:00 am

By Linda Abbott

How My Dating Life Will Save Your Marketing. (You're Welcome.)I’m face-to-face with a marketing problem. The problem is about 5’10, brown-eyed, and is talking about his mother with his mouth full. This is one of the many dates I’ve been on recently who had me at hello and then lost me shortly after. Why? Because, I realized, when it comes to getting someone invested in you, being smart and having a lot to offer just isn’t enough. (Sorry, Date #8.) If your marketing milkshake isn’t bringing all your clients to the yard, ask yourself these three questions:

Are You Engaging?

Do you only talk about yourself? Well, how do I say this nicely? Stop it. If all of your marketing content is blatant self-promotion, then you’re going to come off as self-centered. Worse, you’ll bore people. It’s fine if my date wants to show me 20 Instagram photos of his new dice collection – I could use a nap. But putting your clients to sleep probably isn’t your goal. Instead, be a good listener. Ask questions. What are your clients interested in? What are their challenges? What are they searching for?

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Top 15 Holiday Marketing Campaigns of 20126:59 am

By US Data Corporation

Last year we looked at the top holiday marketing campaigns of 2011 and found some true classics. From Crazy Target Lady to a Buster-approved message from Petco, the advertising ideas were certainly not in short supply. This year we have some familiar companies with some new approaches and a few new faces that will tickle your funny bones and touch your heart.

That’s right, it’s time for the Top 15 Holiday Marketing Campaigns of 2012. Check them out, and tell us what you think!

1. Cabela’s Dangerous Hunts 2013: ‘Control Your Heart Rate!’

The new ad from Cabela’s is less Christmas-themed than last year’s spot for 2012 Big Game Hunter, but it does place the company’s most likely Christmas gift of the season front and center. The “Control Your Heart Rate” promotion emphasizes the new sawed-off shotgun controller that links with the Dangerous Hunts 2013 game to grow more difficult as your heart rate increases. In the commercial, we get a rather humorous look at what can happen when the controller reveals a little more than you want it to.

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Response Rate vs. ROI: Which Marketing Metric Is More Important?7:00 am

By Melissa Cober

Response Rate vs. ROI: Which Marketing Metric Is More Important?Determining the success of a marketing campaign without solid numbers to analyze is like throwing darts in the dark; you may have a vague idea of where to throw, but it’s still a toss-up as to whether or not you’ll actually hit your target. If you are conducting marketing campaigns without measuring that campaign’s metrics, you are missing out on valuable insights that will tell you how to move forward with your future marketing efforts. Today, we will explore two metrics that are commonly misunderstood: Response rate and return on investment (ROI). Let’s take a look at why they matter, and how you can calculate them.

Response rate measures how many people responded to a marketing campaign. You can calculate this by dividing the number of responses by the total number of possible responses. For example, let’s say your company has conducted a direct mail campaign in which you sent 1,000 postcards, and you received 50 responses. Your response rate was 50/1000, or 5%.

Response rate is a very straightforward marketing metric, and because of this, many people like to rely on response rate as a benchmark for marketing success. Sometimes you’ll even hear people say that you must hit a certain response rate in order to have achieved success. Unfortunately, this can be a little misleading. An acceptable response rate varies from company to company, and from campaign to campaign.

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