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Growing Your Marketing Lists with No Effort9:00 am

By Melissa Cober

Growing Your Marketing Lists with No EffortIn-house marketing lists are invaluable assets to any business. Internal lists tell you who your past and present customers are, allowing you to build long-term relationships with them, gaining their trust and loyalty and transforming them into dedicated repeat customers. However, relying solely on your existing in-house marketing lists will simply maintain the status quo, and that isn’t enough by itself. Businesses need to see growth in their customer base, and for that, you will need to grow your marketing lists.

Gaining new customers is not an easy process, and it can often be hard to know where to start. Attempting to grow your marketing lists by yourself can be a tedious and time-consuming project, and many businesses, especially those with a tight marketing budget, simply don’t have the time or resources to dedicate to it. You don’t have unlimited time; nobody does. You shouldn’t be wasting your time trying to build your own marketing lists, especially if you are not sure which audiences will be the most effective to target.

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Making the Case for Email List Rental8:18 am

By Melissa Cober

Making the Case for Email List RentalMyths abound everywhere when it comes to the subject of email list rentals. Sadly enough, the sexiness of email marketing has given rise to a slew of disreputable companies that do a good job of looking reliable until the results come in.  This has caused great confusion about who you can trust, as well as spawned innumerable questions about the overall legitimacy of email list rentals. In this article I hope to set the record straight and help you separate email facts from email fiction.

One of the most common misconceptions we hear in the data industry is that purchasing an email list and renting one are the same thing. They are not! Email list rental is a legitimate and effective marketing practice; however, if a company is offering to sell you an email list outright, you would be wise to stay far, far away. A company that owns a true, opted-in, and responsive list does not willingly sell it outright. Their business depends on the accuracy and viability of these lists. They have made a significant investment in its collection, hygiene, and responsiveness, and the people on their list have opted in to them specifically, not some unknown third party.  This is your first red flag!  If you can purchase an email list outright, this is probably an indication that the list is of poor quality, out-of-date, and not opted-in. This also means that they are renouncing any responsibility, either for the quality of the list or for any negative consequences of your business using that list incorrectly. Legitimate list companies simply do not engage in this practice.

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Response Lists Vs. Compiled Lists: Which Is Right For Your Business?9:03 am

By Melissa Cober

Response Lists Vs. Compiled Lists: Which Is Right For Your Business?The world of mailing lists can be a complicated one, especially as a first-time list buyer, and it can be difficult to know which kind of list is right for your business. In an effort to demystify the process, let’s break down a couple of data buzzwords you’ll often hear: response lists and compiled lists. Understanding these types of data and their uses could be your first step towards marketing success.

First off, what is the difference between response lists and compiled lists? Compiled data is general information that is gathered from sources such as the yellow pages, directories, and other public domains. Compiled data usually offers basic demographic selects, such as gender, age, geography, etc… Response lists, on the other hand, consist of individuals who have taken some specific action to show interest in a product or service. These lists are usually based on previous buying history, subscriptions to newsletters or organizations, surveys and sweepstakes, trade show attendance, and the like. Basically, response lists allow you to reach individuals who are already in the market for what you offer.

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Happy Client Highlight: US Data Corporation Reviews12:18 pm

By US Data Corporation
Happy Client Highlight: US Data Corporation Reviews

US Data Corporation has many happy clients; we are constantly flooded with US Data Corporation reviews from our satisfied customers all around the world! Check out this enthusiastic video testimonial we received about an email and direct mail marketing campaign designed to promote this client’s seminars and workshops… Home run!

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