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Happy Holidays from US Data Corporation!1:29 pm

By Stacey White

In case you missed our email, the US Data Corporation family wants to thank you for your business and/or interest in our company this year. We have lots of big plans for 2012 and look forward to help make you all a ton of money!

Happy Holidays!

US Data Corporation

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Top 15 Holiday Marketing Campaigns of 20117:00 am

By Guest Blogger

Every year, the nation’s top retailers and product manufacturers roll out their best Christmas-themed marketing spots. What you see for only a couple of minutes here and there took the better part of a year to develop, produce, and administer. While many try to connect, only few succeed. Here’s our look at the Top 15 Holiday Marketing Campaigns of 2011:

1. The Christmas Champ (Target)

Minnesota comedian Maria Bamford is known as the “Christmas Champ,” better known as “That Crazy Target Lady.” In the commercial presented here, she is busy training, Rocky IV-style, for the upcoming Target 2-day sale, which began on Black Friday at midnight. While the piece presented here is one of our favorites, there are several others you can find on Youtube or your local NBC/ABC/CBS/FOX station. We warn you. Pretty funny stuff. It’s the deranged and exaggerated representation of Everyshopper USA that makes this campaign so appealing. And it never hurts to laugh.

YouTube Video Link

2. The You Make Me Melt Store (Zales)

Dinner out, Christmas lights, snow angels and two people in love. Zales detours from the typical comedy fare of most marketers and prefers to remind us all in intimate fashion of family ties, romance, and all the things that make the holidays come alive for us. The video presented here is very cinematic and contains a soulful tune by the Alabama Shakes. It plays in to the mood that Zales’ jewelry creates, and distinguishes the company as a true “You Make Me Melt” kind of store.

YouTube Video Link

3. Buy it New, Buy it Now (eBay)

The famous online auction site eBay plays in to the humorous angle of gift recipient tired of getting the same old crap from her relatives and taking a moment out of a family rendition of “12 Days of Christmas” to tell the relatives everything they do wrong for the holidays. What makes it work is that it’s true. How many times has someone in your family asked you what you wanted for Christmas, you tell them, and they go off and buy something else? Just us? Yeah, whatever.

YouTube Video Link

4. Smartphone Holiday Tunage (Walmart)

Walmart takes an old Christmas favorite-“Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer”-and drops us in the middle of a literal occurrence. Seems dear ol’ Dad is so excited to play music on his smartphone that he cranks up “Grandma” while Nana sits in a cast and declares “I had the right of way.” Walmart does a fine job of building funny stories around the products they sell and then sealing the deal with their “Always low price” mantra. No matter what you think about the morality of this company and its effect on Mom-and-Pop retailers, they do make the idea of life without them pretty tough.

YouTube Video Link


Email Lists for the Holiday Season!10:14 am

By Stacey White

Contacting your target market becomes very important during the holiday season and choosing the right method of contact is even more important. Email marketing can be a viable way to communicate with a large section of your target market for a fraction of the price of other types of marketing campaigns – but the company you choose to execute your email campaign and the email list they supply is crucial to your success.

US Data Corporation offers a sure-fire way to get your message out there where you Email Marketing at US Data Corporationbasically pay-per-performance. Most email marketing campaigns require pre-payment and you never know if the campaign will actually produce click-throughs and, therefore, sales.  With us, you can pay for the actual click-throughs (the amount of people who click on your email and get through to your website or landing page) instead of the amount of emails that get delivered. Though we sell email marketing campaigns by the number of delivered emails also, we find that our customers have more success when we guarantee a certain amount of click-throughs. The US Data Corporation email lists must be of the highest quality to be able to guarantee click-throughs. We also are able to sell you the email addresses of the people who clicked through to your website or landing page, giving you the opportunity to re-contact this golden email list as you see fit. Our clients have huge success with these click-through email lists, as these individuals are genuinely interested in your specific offer/products. Repetition is key in marketing campaigns!

Email marketing is a great way to contact your target market, if you do it correctly and choose the right provider. US Data Corporation offers a guaranteed solution so you know your holiday marketing dollars aren’t going to waste. Contact US Data Corporation today for more information and to hear our current specials – 888-610-3282 – or email us directly at – or fill out our contact form by Clicking Here.

How Will the Postal Service Cut-Backs Affect Your Company? Mailing List Companies Want to Know12:05 pm

By Stacey White

mailing listIt sounds like next-day-mail is going to be a thing of the past. With the huge cut-backs the Post Service has to endure, their delivery times will double, if not triple in the coming months and we all should expect increases in postage rates across the board. With postage being a large percentage of your mailing campaign costs, increases in bulk rates will directly affect your bottom line. Will these changes force you to drastically change your mailing campaign strategy? Many say no…and here are the top three reasons why:

1. The postage increases will weed out many of the smaller mailers, making the mail that does get delivered stand out more and ensuring the mail piece will get read.
2. The changes in delivery times will affect mailing campaign schedules initially, but once the new delivery times are established, it will be easy to adjust drop dates to ensure the mail pieces are delivered on time.
3. Direct mail is a proven means of reaching your target market. With the right postal mailing lists, response rates are dependable and consistent and provide companies the piece of mind that their money has been well spent and that their message will get delivered.

Times are changing and marketing costs are generally increasing over time. “While we are not happy at the prospect of slower service, DMA recognizes that the USPS must shed costs to remain the affordable, viable communications network America needs,” said Jerry Cerasale, DMA’s senior VP of government affairs. We all need to support these Postal Service changes and realize that in many ways, these changes can be a move in the right direction for all of us.

We would appreciate hearing your comments on how these changes to the Postal Service will affect your marketing campaign strategy moving forward.

For assistance on your next mailing list purchase, contact one of our friendly US Data Corporation account representatives by calling 888-578-3282, by emailing us direct at or by visiting our website at

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