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Mailing Lists – Utilizing your mailing list to the fullest extent11:49 am

By Stacey White

It’s great to maintain your internal mailing list so that you can use it to re-contact your clients throughout the year…but the key to success is building this mailing list so that it is a highly effective way to generate business throughout the year. Mailing lists don’t build themselves. Here’s a way to use your current mailing list to generate thousands more prospective clients over night.

US Data Corporation has an advanced way to process your current mailing list and generate a comprehensive profile report of your ideal man on computer 150x150 Mailing Lists   Utilizing your mailing list to the fullest extenttarget market, using over 700 demographic data elements to come up with the profile. This process is called the Prospect Maximizer and has been used by many top 500 Fortune companies nationwide to help expand their internal mailing lists.

In a matter of minutes, a patented, automated modeling process compares your customers to non-customers. The model goes through hundreds of generations of analysis to identify what attributes about your customers are unique and predictive. The attributes that make someone more likely to respond are measured and then derived into an equation, which is used to score households and companies in the US Data Corporation consumer and business universes.

The mailing list that is derived from this model report is the most highly responsive mailing list money can buy because it is based on people and/or businesses that have already purchased from you. Give the Prospect Maximizer a try! You’ll be surprised how effective a mailing list can be.

Contact one of our Prospect Maximizer experts at 888-578-3282 for more information.

  • Jamila

    Great publish, I actually anticipate up-dates by you.

    • admin

      Thanks for the nice comment! We definitely try to provide quality information to our subscribers.



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