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Top 5 Ways to Make Sure Your Email Marketing is Legit4:48 am

By Stacey White

Making sure you are in accordance with the CAN-SPAM laws for email marketing is extremely important. Not adhering to these policies has grave consequences that range from a large fine to loosing your business! So watching your step in the email marketing world is imperative. While there are many guidelines to follow there are some you simply cannot afford to overlook or ignore. There are 5 key factors to running a valid email marketing campaign.

• Image Reference. All images contained in your companies marketing email must be fully referenced. Always use complete URL’s. Relative or virtual URL’s are not sufficient.
• “From” Label. When an email requires a FROM label it must the legal name of the advertiser. Someone’s personal name or a promotional label will be considered inadequate.
• Advertisers’ Mailing Address. This must appear somewhere in the email. A PO Box is not enough. It must the entire mailing address of the advertiser.
• Subject Line. Keep it honest. Your subject line must be in direct correlation to what you’re selling or promoting. It cannot be deceptive in anyway to the recipient.
• Opt-Out. This is probably one of the biggest points to hit. You must provide the Opt-Out option in your email. You also are required to keep and maintain a list of unsubscribers.

Again there are many regulations that need to be followed. The five listed above are where many email marketing companies go wrong. Follow these points and continue to educate yourself. Email Marketing is a tricky business, but if you know what you are doing and use the system and laws effectively, your response, ROI, and effect can be colossal.



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