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10 Bizarre Marketing Campaigns that Worked7:00 am

By Guest Blogger

In marketing, there are many ideas that fail for obvious reasons. There are those ideas that look good on paper, but for whatever reason, never manage to make a splash. And there are some ideas that are bizarre, outlandish, crazy-call them what you wish-yet for some reason, they click with the public and an unforgettable phenomenon is born.

It is these kinds of campaigns that we wish to focus on as we look back into the distant (and not-so-distant) past at 10 Bizarre Marketing Campaigns that Worked.

1. Oscar Mayer Weinermobile

Carl G. Mayer, nephew to the famous Oscar Mayer, designed the first Weinermobile in 1936. The hot dog-shaped auto has been an icon of cheap weenies ever since. This 75-year (and counting) marketing campaign has been not only a successful business move for the dog-makers, but it has also become a genuine piece of Americana. Who hasn’t tried to get their picture taken with this thing if they were ever lucky enough to encounter it parked on a family vacation?


2. Fanta’s Fantanas

The Fantanas are the advertising sensation, created by world famous agency Ogilvy and Mather, for Coca-Cola-owned Fanta soft drinks. They are known for their “hit” song “Wanna Fanta! Don’t You Wanna?” While no direct numbers are available concerning just how much revenue these girls have brought to Coca-Cola, the fact they’ve been in use for nearly 10 years, and that they have gone through four different teams of ladies speaks volumes about how well received they are by the public.


3. Old Spice Isaiah Mustafa

“The Man Your Man Could Smell Like” campaign was launched in Feb. 2010 and made the little used former Seattle Seahawks practice squad receiver a viral success, leading to several more appearances in the titular role. In the commercials, Mustafa, who sports a true athlete’s build while going shirtless, speaks directly to the ladies and tells them to basically look at what they could have if their men used Old Spice. As of June 2011, these ads have received more than 33 million views on YouTube.

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Marketing List and Postage Savings Until the End of July 2011!4:10 pm

By Stacey White

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Top 5 Ways to Make Sure Your Email Marketing is Legit4:48 am

By Stacey White

Making sure you are in accordance with the CAN-SPAM laws for email marketing is extremely important. Not adhering to these policies has grave consequences that range from a large fine to loosing your business! So watching your step in the email marketing world is imperative. While there are many guidelines to follow there are some you simply cannot afford to overlook or ignore. There are 5 key factors to running a valid email marketing campaign.

• Image Reference. All images contained in your companies marketing email must be fully referenced. Always use complete URL’s. Relative or virtual URL’s are not sufficient.
• “From” Label. When an email requires a FROM label it must the legal name of the advertiser. Someone’s personal name or a promotional label will be considered inadequate.
• Advertisers’ Mailing Address. This must appear somewhere in the email. A PO Box is not enough. It must the entire mailing address of the advertiser.
• Subject Line. Keep it honest. Your subject line must be in direct correlation to what you’re selling or promoting. It cannot be deceptive in anyway to the recipient.
• Opt-Out. This is probably one of the biggest points to hit. You must provide the Opt-Out option in your email. You also are required to keep and maintain a list of unsubscribers.

Again there are many regulations that need to be followed. The five listed above are where many email marketing companies go wrong. Follow these points and continue to educate yourself. Email Marketing is a tricky business, but if you know what you are doing and use the system and laws effectively, your response, ROI, and effect can be colossal.

Mobile Marketing at US Data Corporation2:02 pm

By Stacey White

mobile marketingThough we aren’t new to the industry, many of you might not know that US Data Corporation offers record-breaking mobile marketing services. With an estimated 5.3 billion mobile subscriptions at the end of 2010, 77% of the world’s population, your ideal target market is ready and waiting to get your text! Contact your target market through mobile marketing at US Data Corporation and see the results!

You’ve Got Your Mailing List – Now What Mail Piece is Right for You?11:33 am

By Stacey White

When it comes to a direct mail campaign, the type of mail piece you choose can significantly impact the effectiveness of your campaign. Three of the most common forms of direct mail pieces are die-cut mailers, letter/envelope combinations, and postcards. Each of these styles is unique and offer different benefits, but the one you should choose for your next marketing campaign largely depends on your target market, your marketing budget and the quality of your graphics and mailing list.

When it comes to die-cut mailers, it is fairly simple; spend a little more and really stand out from the crowd. Die-cut mailers are direct mail pieces that have distinctive figures, shapes, and/or mailing listicons cut into them. This helps your mail piece stand out from the mound of mail sitting in a potential client’s mailbox. Being that these are one-piece mailers that your prospect does not need to open, you get one shot at grabbing their attention and the mere size and different shape of this piece will surely do the trick. Generally, if you sell a high-ticket item that requires photos/images to effectively promote your product/service, a die-cut mailer is a good choice for your next campaign.

The letter/envelope combination approach, though often less flashy and visually pleasing, can be more cost effective and has been known to attract a fair share of attention in the direct mail world. A letter/envelope combination uses a bit of trickery to its advantage. Often times these letters are mistaken for a personal letter, an official business letter, or an unknown letter that just needs to be opened. They are less costly than die-cut mailers and less limited on space, allowing for full letters with or without images/photos. Usually the baby boomers are the most stimulated by this approach, but it can stem further into Generation Y. These potential clients are more likely to have the time to go through and open their mail and they may not be able to distinguish between a bulk mail piece and a personal or official business letter. Also, if you have more content than a postcard or die-cut mail piece can handle, a letter/envelope combo is the way to go.
mailing list

Postcards are by far the most pocket book friendly mail piece to use in a direct mail campaign and they can be extremely effective. Differing from letter/envelope combinations, postcards generally do not provoke an illusion or work on trickery. What you see is what you get…and you usually only get one or two seconds before your prospect either reads on or tosses your mailing listpostcard in the “throw away” pile. When most people see something even slightly unusual, colorful, or intriguing in any way they are going to want to know more, so focusing on your postcard graphics is very important. When choosing a postcard, you will save money on the printing, mailing services and postage so postcards can be a very alluring option, but because they are easily thrown away and you have only a tiny window of opportunity before your offer is dismissed, postcards can be a tricky option to master. Purchasing a targeted mailing list and hiring a good graphic artist are keys to making a postcard campaign a success.

It can be tricky to pick the proper mail piece for your next direct mailing campaign, and there is a lot to take into consideration when developing one. Knowing your clientele and what drives them to purchase is first and foremost. The rest depends on your marketing budget, what you are selling, the quality of your mailing list and the graphics of your mail piece and how much information you need to get across in your mail piece. Each different type of mailer has its own unique appeal and purpose.


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Is Your Marketing List Working for You?10:52 am

By Stacey White

People receiving marketing or advertising information are a part of what is called a marketing list. A marketing list is a collection of names and contact information, primarily used by companies for advertising purposes by sending materials to multiple recipients. Marketing lists are essential to a company’s productivity. After all, how can a company be successful if no one knows about it? Many companies tend to send out their marketing products to same people over and over again. Those companies acquired a list at some point along the road, and just continue to use that same list over and over again. There are a number of reasons a company should not do this.

• To verify the address. Every year 14-16% of Americans have a change of address. That is somewhere between 39,557,840 and 45,208,960 people each year. What are the chances that marketing listsomeone on the list you’ve used for 3 years now has moved?
• To get your name a little further out there. If you are always sending your marketing product to the same people they will be the only ones who know about you or your company. Expanding your perspective clientele is essential for growing a business.
• A marketing list is a fragile thing. People frequently ask to be removed from marketing lists. When this request is made, its one that needs to be taken very seriously. You don’t want to irritate or drive the client away. Outsourcing a list from a company who regularly cleans and updates their data is the only way to be safe, unless you send your marketing list to one of these companies to be cleaned.
• An updated marketing list also helps target clientele. When you have a specific clientele that is being targeted for your business it is imperative for you to keep an updated list of contacts, if for no other reason than getting the information on prospective clients in your area.

Keeping your marketing lists up to date is important for all the reasons above and much more. Keeping an up to date list for your marketing is just as important as having the most up to date software and tools to keep your company running smoothly. Marketing lists are vital to the growth of a business, but an out of date marketing list is about as useless as a typewriter in this day and age. So keep your marketing lists on point and watch your business flourish.


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Double Opt-In Email List Rises Above the Rest11:34 am

By Stacey White

The mother of all questions in the email marketing field is what kind of email list to use. There are many ways to go about designing and configuring an email list. The two most common are single and double opt-in email lists. Single opt-in email lists typically just require the subscriber to enter their name and email address. After that they are automatically on the email list. A double opt-in email list, however, starts off the exact same as a single opt-in, but then sends out a confirmation email to the subscriber that usually has a confirmation link that must be followed in order to be added to the list. It is a tad more expensive, but double opt-in lists’ results speak for themselves. Double opt-in lists are, by far, the most productive. The reasons your money is better spent on a double opt-in list are simple:

• It ensures that the email owner does, indeed, want to receive the marketing information. Anyone can enter someone’s name and email address as a prank or a cruel joke, but with a double opt-in email list the owner of that email account has a chance to opt-out.
• A double opt-in list is a picture perfect, shining example of a targeted list. Targeted marketing lists are compiled all the time, but imagine an email list where every single person on it has confirmed TWICE that they want to see what you have to offer. Now imagine your ROI from this double opt-in email list versus a single opt-in, or even a general list where the data is only modeled.
• Email lists that are double opt-in also have a lesser chance of being labeled as spam. Confirmation logs will protect you from the anti-spam legislation. Why is this important? Being labeled as a spammer is a very bad thing for any email marketer. First of all, most people don’t read spam mail. Second, it can result in spam complaints, which in turn can result in the potential banning of your domain name by major ISP’s. Having a lesser chance of being labeled as spam is a huge advantage, because once you are blacklisted in the email world it is very hard to recover.

So when you’re faced with what kind of email list to purchase, remember that sometimes spending a little bit more money can pay of huge in the end. There is nothing about any other kind of email marketing list that gives you the kind of verification and almost guarantee that a double opt-in email list does. So think long-term, think results, think smart, and market smart. Use double opt-in email lists and its results will pay for itself and then some.