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The US Data Prospect Maximizer

Are you tired of the continual decline of your direct mail list response rate?

Want to mail less and get the same number of responders if not better?

We have the answer!

US Data’s Prospect Maximizer will find you more prospects that mirror your current customers, and increase your response rates by an average of 350%! We take your client list, and run it through our Prospect Maximizer software. During this real-time, automated process approximately 400 fields of information are appended to your customer list. Demographics, psychographics, buying behavior, lifestyle information, and much more are used to build an algorithm. This algorithm is later applied to US Data’s National Consumer File to find more unique prospects that look and act just like your current customers.

We have taken our skilled programmer’s, as well as some industry leading competitor’s, best custom built files (or lists) and put them to the test. To compare, we mailed them side by side the Prospect Maximizer prospect list. In each case, US Data’s Prospect Maximizer outperformed the other response rates by a minimum of 250%.

Predictive modeling is a proven method that’s been used for decades by the largest financial and retail organizations. By automating this process and continually analyzing our customer’s client lists, we have created this exciting, new, innovative tool; the Prospect Maximizer; which has proven to be the most practical ROI tool in our industry.


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